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it's taken me soooo many tried to get a half decent picture f Lorgar done, but here he is the primarch of the Wordbearers
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Lorgar did nothing wrong.

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It is beautiful!
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...great job....looking very good... i like it!!! :D
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Looks like Lord Genome.
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Not my favorite rendition of Lorgar, but your artwork is always top notch none the less.
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and he is ones that makes 40k Universe Hellish enough to gives Stephen King nightmare that worse enough to kills him through Heart Attack
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Looks much better than the official version of Lorgar, awesome job mate.
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That was not Primarchish enough, I mean with that head tatoo he could be Erebus the First Chaplain for all we know.
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Looks far too epic to be Lorgar.
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This is really good. He looks so noble and intense. I dig it.
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Thank you so much!
With your permission, I would like to make this into a miniature. I'll post it up whenever I do, and give you credit. :D

Also, this is so fricking sweet!
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Yet another wonderful, wicked rendition!
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Great painting
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that is soooo wicked
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all hail chaos united ;-)
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Awesome Lorgar :) I've just finished reading The First Heretic and I'm rubbish at envisioning the faces of the primarchs, but this does great justice to Aurelian
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Could ya draw a picture of Lorgar as a loyalist? before he turned?
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very cool, i´m a word bearer fan and i like your work. it remains me more Erebus than Lorgar but, anyway, very cool as i said before
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