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Lion El' Johnson

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The First Legion to be created by the Emperor. More so than any other Legion, the Dark Angels divided during the Horus Heresy, with all the companies that remained on their homeworld Caliban siding with Luther (Lion El' Jonson's right hand man and ruler of Caliban in Lion's absence) who rebelled Against El' Johnson independently of Horus, while the rest remained loyal to the Emperor. The Dark Angels and their successors refer to themselves as "The Unforgiven". Highly secretive, they hunt the Fallen (those Dark Angels who sided with Chaos) as an attempt to redeem themselves of the taint upon their Legion's honor. This secret mission occasionally puts them at odds with other Imperial forces. The Dark Angels culture and background is heavily influenced by the Knights Templar, the Teutonic Knights and by the poem 'The Dark Angel' by Lionel Johnson, although the novella Deathwing portrays their recruitment from tribes based heavily upon Tribes Like Native Americans, but their Recruitment Varies from generation to generation as Portrayed in the Novel Angels of Darkness.
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Taken from information in the recent Dark Angels codex:

Unbenownst to the Dark Angels, the Lion slumbers within a hidden chamber in The Rock.  The chambers location is known only to the mysterious Watchers in the Dark.
The Primarch's wounds are fully healed, and as Luther has told his interrogators, El'Jonson's time of awakening is close at hand.
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also did we know that they were originally called First Legion, but were renamed Dark Angels when Lion saw them descend from the skies on jump packs as it brought to life a part of a book on Caliban myth "and the angels of darkness descended on pinions of fire and light, the great and terrible Dark Angels". they are one of only five legions who we know their ORIGINAL name for, the rest renamed their legions: war hounds/ world eaters, dusk raiders/ death guard, first legion/ dark angels, lunar wolves/ sons of horus and imperial heralds/ word bearers. i believe the iron warriors, ultramarines, blood angels and imperial fists were always called those names but not certain.

anyway awesome pic of Lion
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Depends on the story you read. There is one, older than the Horus Heresy series that I can't remember the name, but it casts more shadow onto the division of the Dark Angels. In this tale, a captured "Fallen" is interrogated and says that he was never a traitor to the Emperor, or sided with Chaos. This character reveals to a Deathwing interrogator that Johnson didn't arrive late to the battle against Horus, but waited to see who would win the final battle.

Might've been Fallen Angels or something. Very good, adds some twists. Even the Horus Heresy puts more darkness into Johnson as a potential traitor than claiming him to be loyal.
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Dark Angels 3rd Company Master Callegan here; The aforementioned Astartes, Astelan, has been confirmed to be both a liar and a hypocrite. I know this because I learned the truth from none other than the Venerable Dreadnought Bjorn the Fell-Handed. The Lion was late to the battle because he was chasing the traitor Primarch Konrad Curze and following that was further delayed by Leman Russ insisting on liberating every heretic controlled planet on their way back to Holy Terra. Astelan was one of the first space marines ever made and he served under the Emperor himself. Astelan has convinced himself that the Lion is a lesser being than the Emperor, yet the Lion is one who's geneseed graces him with his super-human abilities. Astelan is but an unruly child who has rejected his father purely out of spite... and he shall pay dearly for his treachery.
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very well done there.
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lol thats a tiger on his chest. not a lion...
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The Lion was the true traitor to Chaos, not Luther.
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Love background!Is it destruction of Kaliban?
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Looks epic, though I would've almost expected the Dark Angel's robe to be on him as well... ^^; All I'm seeing is a cape- and a cape is good! Don't get me wrong, but it kinda shys away from the whole Dark Angel's feel to a small extent. ^^;
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did u already plan this or did u draw it cos i suggested it yesterday? XD i'll feel special if it was the latter
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a few people asked me to do a pic of the lion (you included of course)and I didn't have anything on my plate so it would have been rude not to
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awsome. btw, the book im writing is almost finished n i would like somebody to do some art for it (just so it looks good when i find a publisher). u seem to be the best damn artist i know, interested?
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