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Konrad Curze

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Konrad Curze, also known as Night Haunter, was one of the twenty Primarchs created by the Emperor.
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That right there is the face of madness. If I were to imagine his thoughts, I would say they were something like,

"More. There must be more! I will bring justice to this wretched world!"
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What is he thinking? Starking at his hands like that?
maybe "What have i done?" But that would be out of character... 
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Looks more like a normal NL to me.
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Just finished Vulkan Lives, which Kurze has a significant part in. This really captures his madness and sadistic nature. Very cool.
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if you like that try the unremembered empire curze kicks ass 
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Ah nice, another one of my favorite Primarchs.
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Batman, 40k's sauce. Pure awesomeness.
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Simply amazing.

Oh, and I love that look of horror as he looks on his claws, almost like he is horrified by what he has done.
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Best picture of Konrad Curze I've ever seen. It really shows the darkness, and yet also the sadness in him.
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very very impressive
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Konrad cruze is the goddamn batman.
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Wow. I only just discovered your work, but it is awesome!
I especially like this piece. It radiates insanity!
Keep up the good work. ^^
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I love the background for this guy, 40k's batman.
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ohooow!!! awesome artwork mate!!!
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it's only heresy if you follow the false emperor
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This is so fucking sweet. Great job dude. Seriously amazing. I love Konrad, easily my favorite primarch.
Only thing is, aren't his eyes supposed to be completely black?
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cheers man, yeah he has black eyes but I wanted to get a little expression in them so I took a bit of reference from a scared horse kinda like this [link]
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also know as batman.:P
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hahaha batman would make an awesome space marine, not robin though, he'd just be robin
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