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Karsas' pets

ah good old Karsa
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That battle with the Deragoth was truly impressive reading about. Karsa seems a over the top in my opinion though, not your picture of him, but the character. The Azalan demon killed 500 rebel warriors within 50 heartbeats, and 5 such demons could not take on two of the Deragoth, which in turn got their asses handed to them with ease by Karsa.. >_<
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Just the way I had imagined him myself, only the sword would be wider in my view of him...

Love the background as well!
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yeah I don't know how many different karsa pics I had to do before I got the sword right
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Well, this sword really goes with the whole of it, it blends in, without attracting to much attention you want on other parts, it complements the entire piece...
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this is awesome
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sick man. instant fav. love how huge havok is btw
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aye he would have to be a biggun to carry Karsa around, cheers dude!
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Oh I think those shadow hounds had an accident called Karsa:D.
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brilliant. totally badass.
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thats Karsa all over dude, cheers
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Woa, can't do anything but admire.


Heh, and fav.
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ha! cheers man
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very awesomely done ^^
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sweet cheers dude!
The best pic of a horses a$$ I've ever seen! Keep up the good work
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will do and cheers! though if I had to do the front I'd be fucked
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Absolutely fantastic! great job there!
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cheers dude and great models by the way I'm bloody rubbish at 3D stuff
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now THATS what im talking about! more b@d @$$ pics of my ultimate fave series :D very nice work
slaine69's avatar
he he! @$$ i like it, anyhow i'll keep em comin' if you keep lookin'
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also I have no idea why or how I managed to put a link on the last message
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