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Father and Son

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Horus and the Emperor....mates!
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all hail lupercal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This would certainly make a great Father's Day card, unrelated but true
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Holy crap. I think this picture is on the 40k wiki!
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Aye, I have quite a few pictures on there, mainly primarchs and stuff.
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LOL The Emperor looks like a heavy armoured Native American
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Because he is? He is the reincarnation of mankind's ancient and most powerful shamans. Hence shamans by association are spiritual folk, such as many Natives all over the world are, not just endemic to Native AMERICANS alone.
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isnt bonding greaT?
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Unless it's with a Power Sword to the gut...
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Big E: Son, You see those Eldar over there?

H: Yeah dad, the one making hand sighs at us?

Big E: Yeah that's him...

H: Wan'a fuck his shit up?

Big E: oh... WARP YEAH!!
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I understand the need for drama and plot to the 40k universe, but when your trusted "son's" choice of armor involves deamon eyes on his power-suite, along with an evil-looking power claw, one can't help but ask the question, "How did the All Father NOT see this coming!?!".
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Some think he did see it coming and yet for some reason chose not to stop it.

There’s also a theory I read where the entire storyline of Warhammer 40k is just a vision of Big E’s.
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Look at Emperor's claws. Not like Horus was special about that. ~_^
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Yeah, I understand now; when i posted that commment I wasn't fully versed in the 40k lore, yet.
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Before the Heresy that eye was known as the Eye of Terra. Also the Warmaster's power claws were crafted by the Adeptus Mechanicus overseen by the Imperium. Chaos likes to twist things like this, making the Eye of Terra the Eye of Terror.
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Ah. Makes sense. If I were them, though; I would have gone with a sky blue and grass green eye with a circular pupil. More emphasis on Terra itself, you know?
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Nah, I made some research, so the Eye of Terra = Eye of Horus
The staring Eye banner is the personal banner of the Warmaster himself. Beneath the staring eye is a decree embroidered in golden thread:
'I am the Emperor's Vigilance and the Eye of Terra.'
I made a mistake on Sanguinius' armor, those symbols are not eyes but blood drops, symbold of the Blood Angles. My bad.
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I guess that wouldn't be grimdark enough. :P Also, at the time of the Great Crusade Terra has already lost all its oceans and wildlife. The people of Terra were living inside enormous hive cities and underground. Still, I don't know why the Eye was red and black and I couldn't find the story behind it. Sanguinius' armor also had eyes like these, however he remained loyal to the Emperor.
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Horus looks older
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makes me sad to see them together. damn horus WHY
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Me too. I'm actually tearing up. Fuck you, Chaos Gods! :(
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Blame Lorgar, hes the idiot who wanted something to worship, and found the 4 feth-tards...
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