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probably the trickiest one so far it took me bloody ages
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Он прекрасен!
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awasom, i have raven guard army. so this is evon more awasom.
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Grim, dark, cold and badass...True Corax! Always like this chapter. And after i had seen your Raven guard Primarch i started to like them even more! Thanks for awesome art!
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Corax did have VERY pale skin though (so he n Konrad would look alike) because is homeworld did that to him, something to do with the rocks and minerals, over the years he developed a very pale complextion, same for why he has incredibly dark hair, personally i think the picture on the cover of that book Raven's Flight or whatever it was is actually pretty INNACURATE compared to most descriptions i've read. for one thing that bobcat hair style he has on the cover of that book...UGH he looks like a jew along with the innacurate tan (no offence, no racsim intended)
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I like the look on Corax's face and, likewise, the chaos marine's helm.
Not a big fan of the lighting claws looking like Freddie Kreuger claws but a nice piece.
The colours set the mood well and the lighting helps with conveying the intensity of the moment.
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he looks too much like Conrad Kurze, I'd say. I like the official look of him, on his book, more.
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Ah, Corax.. ''The Deliverer''
Great art my friend!
*looks to the sky*

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The enemy Marine does not even warrant his attention, so he looks ahead towards dinner - which consists of a pork rib, lamb chops, and for dessert some dead heretic.
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i think he's angry
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Chalk skinned, coal haired, the one and only Corax of the Raven Guard. when is that, The dropsite massacre?
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Love the picture. You should try and draw him fighting Lorgar on Istavaan(spelling?) as it was a pretty cool fight.
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Awesome I like the claws design look like from Freedy Kruger :)
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corax! the emo guy of 40k!:D
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Hell yeah! About time to see a nice image of my favorite Primarch. Good art man.
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I'm a huge fan of Corax and everythnig about him, this is by far the most accurate image of him yet very well done, excelent. i just wish we could see the other Primarchs as well described.
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Ooh, inimitably, love
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The best depiction of the primarch I've ever seen.
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thanks! much appreciated, that's some really groovy work you've got there too man
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whats up with freddy kueger blades?
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