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Black Shield Alric

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Deathwatch: The Outer Reach. © Fantasy Flight Games

yeeeeehaw Black Shield Alric ison the case.
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With that flail and shield combo I cannot help but think that he once was a Deathwing Knight.

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I wish you could play Deathwatch in Space Hulk: Tactics and do the different chapters logos on the right shoulder.

Ultramarine Captain with a Storm Bolter and Power Sword
Dark Angel Librarian
Black Templar Heavy Weapons Bearer with an Assault Cannon
Salamander Heavy Weapons Bearer with a Heavy Flamer
Space Wolf Assault with Lightning Claws

All wrapped up in badass black armour with the silver sleeves. Damn, that would make me pregnant.
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Excellent character design. Favourite!
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I 've never finished the drawing of my proper space marine (Crimson Fist) from the deathwatch. I should. I'll be on it soon! Thanks for the inspiration :)
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haha Robins lesser known phrase.  
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Still the best Terminator ever.
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Heeey thanks man, I got the outreach book but is there more fluff on this guy? Ima do some diggin'
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Gotta love that power flail. Unless you are on the receiving end, of course :P
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Haha too true, pretty right up until it exits your skull. 
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For the Emperah! Beautiful work, especially all that detail. :3
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thanks duckymclain927co05, I had to up my game a bit for this one there was a fair amount of trial and error, it was a good learning experience though. 
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:iconawesomenessplz: :iconsaysplz: I freaking love that flail and shield combo!
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nice, there aren't enough flails in warhammer 40k
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Yeah, you'd think there would be more given the prevalence of heavy armor in the setting.
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Wow, this Terminator looks almost real!
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Absolutely awesome !!!
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Whoah! That's quite the Xenos-Crusher you have there! I'm loving the embossed details and Deathwatch/Inquisition heraldry. I'll have to make an ex-Deathwatch marine in my army based loosely on this. :-D
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Teach me your ways of the space marine
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Time spent rendering, a butt load of reference from minis and other peoples art and a good base pose is all it takes. If you are having trouble with a picture and want a bit of feedback I'd be happy to help
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