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I think this turned out to be more of a 'what if Rake was in WoW' than what I actually think he looks like but I learned a whole bunch from drawing him like this. 


Thickened up the sword as bit
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thank you for making me interested in another Universe. It's not like I already had my Hands full with Warhammer.
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LOL! This one's a garden shed compared to that one.

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Cool and badass artwork. 
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He draws 40K and Malazan.  My hero.
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Why thanks you kindly, here's a little ditty you might like judging by your avatar........

check notes
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And now he is my hero twice over.
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He looks very similar to a Drow, a D&D Dark Elf.
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Like Drisst  (or however you spell his name) aesthetically but there's a whole lot more to this guy. Have you read any Steven Erikson I'd totally recommend it.
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Rake is the most badass
This is perfect Shane
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I think this looks like a great representation of what Rake would look like wakened to anger.
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Well looks like I have another book series to read ^-^
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haha carefu!l they're beasties, but rewarding like the most rewarding a book can get because they're such mares to get through I imagine. 

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I love me a good fantasy novel :3
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It does look really cool, but a bit too intricate for Rake. Either way it's very well done and I do like how you did the light, and how solid and heavy the armor actually feels. So overall good work. :)
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Thanks man, I agree, like I said in the description it turned all WoW on me half way through because I had some things I wanted to try out, but if I were to do it again (which I probably will at some point) I wouldn't go with less intricacy but rather a less traditional style of armour that matches his anatomy and mimics dragon scales/skin ya know? not entirely sure how that would look though Ima have to mill on it for another couple of years I think :) 

This is really cool and well-detailed!

...but all I can really think about is that that sword would break in the midde

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thanks man, Aaaah but its a magic sword  and it' of adamantium! and other really strong unbreakable non- existing materials
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Looks great! I like the reflections on his face. 
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