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Fanartist aspiring to VG design.
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My Bio
Favourite style of art: Hand drawn, but I like digital too.
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
Personal Quote: *steals your hat*

Favourite Games
Chrono Trigger
Favourite Gaming Platform
All but NGage
Tools of the Trade
Mechanical pencil, graphics tablet, scanner, and mouse.
Other Interests
Videogames, Manga, drawing, roleplaying, Second Life, Mario
There's this NaNaWriMo thing for video games (NaGaDeMo) that I'm working on this month.  To that end, I practiced with a Mario-themed concept.  There's no sound and it's short, but it's complete.  The actual one for the NaGaDeMo will be purely original. The program I used (Ren'Py) allowed for crossplatform production, so the zip contains Windows, Microsoft, and Linux versions. I had fun with this.  I hope that anyone who tries my goofy thing enjoys it too. By the way, anyone want me to turn the ending images into wallpaper?
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I've been extremely busy the past few months with a lot of stuff.  First it was transfering to a new college, then it was Daddy getting really sick, then it was juggling five classes (most of which were studio classes), and then Dad passed away, and then it was mid-terms, projects, and then finals. Since I have spare time to relax with, I've been playing some games and for fun I started an Ask blog on Tumblr.  It's Ask-Ganondorf-Dragmire. He's a bit rough around the edges, but generally a pleasant guy (well, when not consumed by his anger) who will answer your questions.  He does have time to kill until he faces Link again and this is somet
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Been busy setting up stuff with college and at work, but I have found the time to have fun. Recently joined a couple of RP groups. #XxKingdomXXHeartsxX ( as the wonderfully manical Professor Hojo using my normal account to RP on (it's easier that way). :iconMarioRP-DA: as the fallen Nimbi, Bonechill (hence this picture) and an OC Magikoopa by the name of Kooparia Firamaw.  :iconSPM-Bonechill: :iconSMBOC--Firamaw: If I make an abnormal amount of fanart for either Hojo or Bonechill, that's why.  xD
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Happy birthday!
G'day Melissa; did you know that's the same name as my cousin on my father's side? XD Funny coincidence. Anyway; that's not why I'm here.
I'm here; because I've been seeing a lot of your art in my "Nintendo Roleplay" Searches recently; and I'm intruiged. If you have the time; or the enthusiasm to try a new roleplay; I'd be very happy if you were to choose me. I'm a roleplay artist myself; often or not I crituqe others on their roleplay skills; get 'em a little bit of a boost; but I'm not saying I'm better than everyone else; XD Just having fun; helping along the way. I noticed you're a college student; so I won't expectyou to be on often; but if you would just let me know what you think; it'd set my mind at ease. Thanks.
Hullo, you mentioned "Freeware Folder" on another site, would you possibly have a link to download it?
It's an actual folder on my computer. I posted on that same site a mostly full list of where I have free game downloads.
You can roleplay super mario?
I can, but unfortunately I seem to be unable to maintain a hold on a character due to schedule conflicts. Also Weegee's more fun!