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Some stuff I'm writing
Sometimes the darkness can be serene. After all, ignorance is bliss. In the shadows, there might well hide literally anything that you would wish to fear. But it's not as if you can see them. And it's not as if they can see you. It really is a wonder why anyone is afraid of the dark. Of course, that is all different if you can hear things. No, I'm not talking about the screeching of tires, gunshots in the distance. I'm talking about voices, beckoning you forward, deep in tone, malevolent in intent. If this is the case, stick to the gas lamps, stay inside the radius of their dull glow, and stay out of the darkness. And most importantly of all, never turn your back on it.
Cops are paid to look away. The Mafia families rule the streets, and everybody keeps quiet. Or else they will be made to be nothing but quiet. The only people you can trust to solve your problems are Private Eyes, men who skulk around at nightfall, following leads until they find irrefutable evidence of another man's wr
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The Horseman of Awesome by Slacklustre The Horseman of Awesome :iconslacklustre:Slacklustre 1 2 The Lord of Carnivals by Slacklustre The Lord of Carnivals :iconslacklustre:Slacklustre 0 0 My Namesake by Slacklustre My Namesake :iconslacklustre:Slacklustre 1 0 Hail to the King, Baby by Slacklustre Hail to the King, Baby :iconslacklustre:Slacklustre 4 3
Car Sale Advert
Let me get this straight first; this is not a question of if the car is manly enough for you, but a question of if you are manly enough for the car. This car makes a steak covered in a sauce made of melted-down bullets look like it is in the middle of its menstruation cycle. If Chuck Norris were to look upon this car, he would cry tears of pure gold. Are you saying you are up to the challenge of driving it?
The ceramic brakes have been finely integrated with the steering in order to make you dance around corners at the speed of sound. Well, I say the speed of sound; what I actually mean is 218 mph, but that's so fast, it might as well be the speed of sound, right?
Anyway, the car has special roll-bars have been added to ease up the crashes a bit and a built-in computer, as well as an integrated wireless phone and SatNav, and seats that have been called, and I quote, "Pretty comfy, actually" by our finest seat testers. It even has the rarest of features, a radio. I bet that no
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Mr. Fisher
United Kingdom
Don't worry! I'm wearing pants this time!

Favourite genre of music: Alternative
Favourite style of art: Cartoonish
Favourite cartoon character: Courage the Cowardly Dog
Personal Quote: If life gives you lemons, ask for a refund. If that fails, rub lemon juice into it's eyes.
I haven't updated the journal in ages, so much so that I think if I left it any longer it would be declared legally dead, and I can't afford to pay for a funeral.

Today I had to go to Parent's Evening, and my Mum agreed with me that my Physics teacher is incompetent (He called me the wrong name and I had to correct him on it. I think he was properly bricking his pants at that point)and that my Biology teacher wasn't a particularly nice person. Coincidentally, those are the only 2 lessons with any real complaints about anything. Everything else was fine, especially DT, where I managed to get 93% on a higher tier paper that required 65% for a top grade, meant for year 11s and I only had 3/4 of the time that I usually would, if I was in year 11.

Which was nice. I suppose I should act really really smugly after this. Smugsmugsmugsmugsmug.

Few other glowing reports. Some said that I should think about the subject for A level. I had to resist the urge to laugh boisterously and shout "I shall grant you this pittance, fine mentor!" before waltzing off to the next appointment. I didn't get a Chemistry appointment, because my Chemistry teacher just doesn't give a damn about anything.

Nothing much else to report, I suppose.
  • Listening to: Stuff ranging from 1920's Jazz to Shred Metal.
  • Reading: Mort
  • Playing: The Paper Mario Trilogy
  • Eating: Twix bars and crisps.


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