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Eiru'aul (revised)
Name: Eiru'aul (formerly Pers'eiru'aul or Seirua)
Gender: male
Age: 17 Standard (a little over 13 Csilla years)
Eyes: red
Hair: black, worn short
Skin: blue
Species: Chiss
Home Planet: Csilla
Relatives: Huroi'aul (father, deceased), Vaxci'aul (mother, deceased), Quarri'aul (sister, missing)
Abilities: Standard Force abilities, focusing more on the martial side of things. General knowledge. Lightsaber skills, some basic piloting training.
Equipment: brown cloak and his mentor's golden lightsaber, sometimes a belt
Personality: Like any adolescent male humanoid, Eiru is a million different people from one Standard Day to the next. The words that most often describe him include "competitive", "nice", "curious" and "patient" (when his upbringing comes to the fore, "serious" becomes more appropriate than that last one). When he has no immediate worries or distractions, he often starts to worry about his sister, and where she is and what she may be going through.
Bio: Eiru's first six years w
:iconslackeye:SlackEye 7 5
Chapter titles and opening crawls...
...or, I obviously need a hobby.
I actually spent large portions of at least two perfectly good days creating opening crawls, in the style of the Saga films, for each of the 15 then-extant chapters of this little yarn I'm now helping the folks at :iconbare-sqaudron: to spin. And, to make the experience complete, I came up with suitably pulpy titles for the chapters, though you'll have to click the links to find out what they are.
In the interests of fairness, here's :iconbyzantinefire1:'s crawl for Chapter -- sorry, Episode 1:!/AKuuwLrjlx6eg_AUk950
And here are mine for the individual chapters, in numerical order:
Chapter 1:!/AL1VAe-bdre-pqau1kbT
Chapter 2 (most of the heavy lifting here was actually done by :icontravolore:):!/AL0LrQNTLlzEks78JRQx
Chapter 3:!/AL0u
:iconslackeye:SlackEye 5 9


Medusa by GenuineGenyun
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Medusa :icongenuinegenyun:GenuineGenyun 55 14
Valryian Comm 2 by Ajustice90
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Valryian Comm 2 :iconajustice90:Ajustice90 7 1
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Alternate 1933 (in progress) by DanyBul Alternate 1933 (in progress) :icondanybul:DanyBul 13 0
The Land of the Red Dragon
Huang Zhi came into this world with a designated job as a construction worker and a number that was tattooed behind his ear. Once he had developed a sense of self, he was taught to appreciate the high tech exo-suit that was issued for him an hour after his birth. A standard gift that all newborns received to aid their survival. 
That suit was his skin. It wasn’t allowed to come off. It grew with him, stretched with his limbs and never tore. It had special, intricate systems that took care of his needs and a self-activating helmet. Its digital visor relayed all sorts of communications through the day. This suit was marketed as the pinnacle of human development. An 'If you take it off, you die!' slogan accompanied it. Huang counted once. There were fifty-three variations of that sentence splashed across billboards and large screens along the street he crossed to get to work.
The smog had been at a catastrophic level for years. The giant air filtration units that we
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 13 8
Looking Down on You 3 by cjflo
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based on the best seller by ctdsnark based on the best seller :iconctdsnark:ctdsnark 10 8



Austin Loomis
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Got this back in 2005 to follow :iconmeluran: and other people I like. Drawn into an active role in December '17 thanks to following a trail from :iconjay042: to Bare-Sqaudron (and then to The-Bare-Squadron). Out-of-practice naturist (last time I got out to a resort was shortly before I joined up). A writer, not a draw-er.

Deviant Discords in which I participate:

Bare Squadron:
DeviantArt Nudism:
NSFW Chat:
My BS Art WishlistThis is my own personal wishlist for BS artwork and i hope for others to make their own.
1. Phara and Mera as Mermaids (Completed)
2. Pyso Family Dinner
3. The seven forms of lightsaber combat presented by the Bare Squadron characters
4. Another Mera with Kiki and Ray piece
5. Another romantic piece with Mera and Jace making love
6. Lanei being thrown out like Jazz from the Fresh Prince of Bel-air
7. A Phara enf scene with Cal (Completed)
8. Mera wearing her cloak and mask
9. A scene inspired by Kangaroo Jack
10. A scene inspired by Cheers
11. Lanei as a Cecaelia
12. A piece inspired by American Graffiti
13. A scene involving Ludicrous Speed.
14. An anthro piece
I will be tagging 10 others to do the same if they want to and be sure to tag 10 users to if you want to.

Val tagged me, so here I am with some The-Bare-Squadron moments I'd like to see someone interpret.

1) Some part of Cal's discussion with Lord Captain Skull Crusher
2) Cal's meeting with "Half-face" and crew
3) Cal talking with Jogi while having his first vision of Kara

Chapter 1: The Rescue
4) Sandorn decking Saruukk
5) Red Rasska's holocall to Lt. Ushor, while Garook and Reikooro wait just out of range of the comm pickup
6) Cal deflecting the blaster fire

7) Jogi packing up Cal's belongings under Choi's watchful eye
8) the Inquisitor pointing to her Imperial insignia, giving Yorick and company one last chance to live
9) the Inquisitor going full Mind Ripper on Yorick, amid the bodies of his gang, as Jogi watches from hiding

Chapter 2: Among The Trees
10) Reikooro and Kara's conversation on the branch
11) the moment in Cal's vision when the Beast of the High Places intervenes
12) the dejarik game, ideally the moment when Cal unleashes the Savage Savrip

* * *

Going back before I go forward.

Her Perfect Existence Interval 1
1a) Yui gets Klay's attention for the first time.
2a) One of Klay's visions of the pale girl.
3a) Darik involuntarily helps Yui demonstrate Rule Number 1 of Breaking a Fucker's Neck.

Mera and Jace Part 1: Republic
4a) Jace first notices Mera (possibly the moment when Captain Veld nudges him), as Mother Talzin and Ambassador Raan negotiate in the background.
5a) Mera and Jace go mountain climbing.
6a) Master Siethe meets Phara with great interest.

Paragon Part 1: War
x) Mhisha massaging Keyla.
7a) Ghost and Paragon setting up to knock down some tinnies.
8a) Mhisha hanging little Denven's plush porg back to him.
9a) Havoc Squad looking on as the clones bring down their Jedi target.

* * *

(More to come.)

Tag: :iconjanehuskmann: :iconsyfyman2xxx: :icon00gojiramon: :iconshane-emeraldwing: :iconjay042: :iconcaptain86: :iconsupersonicwinxknux: :iconglitchyreal: :iconnumbuh88: :iconthomas-j-baker: :iconcarasilvaart:


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