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Wacom (the company behind the excellent Graphire, Intuos and Cintiq tablets) are currently running a photography contest named 'Go Pro'. The grand prize is a 40 GB Apple iPod and US$ 1,000 as payment for the commercial rights to the winning photo which will be included in the PhotoSpin professional stock photo collection. Entry is easy, simply upload your favourite image (must be 500 KB or less JPEG). The winning photograph will be chosen by a panel of professional photographers simply choose the photo that is the most compelling in all respects. Note that this contest is only open to residents of the US and Canada.

Here's a great chance to unleash all your talent and show off as a photographer. Go Pro is a refreshingly simple photo contest in which a panel of professional photographers simply choose the photo that is the most compelling in all respects. This contest ends January 31, 2004 and offers a very cool grand-prize package and unlimited bragging rights.

Like the Go Platinum design contest running at the same time, this contest is meant to be serious fun for people with talent. This contest is about being honored as the very best photographer and the very best designer. We will, of course, try to think of ways to thank everyone who participates but we hope you'll enter to win!

More information
The largest photo project in history and the watershed event of the new digital photography age, America 24/7 will give hundreds of thousands of Americans the opportunity to create a national family album during one ordinary week (May 12-18, 2003). Take digital pictures of your kids, your friends, your pets, your community. What's great about your town? What would you change?

As a participant in this historic event you'll join one of four teams working simultaneously across all 50 states:

:bulletgreen: TEAM 1 - Amateurs:
You and thousands of other amateur digital photographers will create an extraordinary time capsule of American life. Your pictures will be judged alongside those taken by the professionals. Up to 10,000 images will be included in the project's 53 books. One could be yours.

:bulletgreen: TEAM 2 - Photography Students:
Thousands of America's best student photographers will compete nationwide to get their pictures into America 24/7. Join this team, and your photographs will be edited by representatives America's leading magazines and newspapers.

:bulletgreen: TEAM 3 - Stringers:
Professional photographers not hired as America 24/7 contract photographers, are still invited to participate as Stringers. There's a lot of great talent out there we don't know about, and we're looking for the best. Here's a chance to show your work to America's top picture editors and join future 24/7 contract teams. If your work is selected for America 24/7, you're automatically in the running for the next project.

:bulletgreen: TEAM 4 - Contract Photographers:
One thousand top professional photojournalists, representing leading magazines and newspapers, will be dispatched across the United to document American life for seven days. (Contract photographers have already been selected.)
Canon has recently launched their 2003 Digital Creators Contest. The contest, started in 2000, targets professionals, students and amateurs who can present innovative digital media in four categories including digital photography, graphics and illustration, movie, and the Web.

Entries can be made in New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam, or Hong Kong. Top creative professionals will serve as judges, searching for new talent and rewarding those whose work displays originality, novelty, expressiveness, and the ability to convey a message to viewers.

Thanks to DPReview regular mishkin for the story.
Kodak has announced that after a couple delays they will be shipping their DCS Pro 14n this week. Featuring a 13.89-megapixel, full-frame CMOS sensor and magnesium body. Madhav Mehra, General Manager, Digital Cameras, Kodak Professional said "We're pleased to bring the Kodak Professional DCS Pro 14n Digital Camera to market in time for the imaging industry's largest gathering in the Western Hemisphere - PMA."

The DCS Pro 14n camera exhibits some variances in the specifications that were cited at its introduction at the Photokina trade show last September. For example, shots per battery charge is rated at 400, up a third from the announced 300 shots. The camera, originally configured to accept a 3-gigabyte storage card, will accept 4-gigabyte cards once they become available. Enhancements are planned for the file transfer rate (dependent upon third-party software capabilities), jpeg burst depth and long exposure settings. Activation of the camera's MMC/SD storage slot will be part of an upcoming firmware upgrade. And improvements to ISO range will be sought. Effective ISO range is now 80 - 800 at 50 percent (3.4 megapixel) and 67 percent (6 megapixel) resolution, and 80 - 400 at 100 percent (13.5 megapixel) resolution.

Due to the tremendous interest in and demand for the camera, it probably will be several months before every currently open back order can be filled. For most countries, Kodak Professional has instituted an allocation plan to help ensure an equitable distribution of cameras. Suggested U.S. list price for the DCS Pro 14n camera remains at USD $4,995. Dealers determine "street price." Based on current demand, it is likely initial U.S. street prices probably will stay very close to the suggested list price.
Maybe it's a matter of instant gratification. Maybe it's because they are compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use. Whatever the reasons, digital cameras have quickly become a staple in today's visual-arts arena. As never before, 21st-century shutterbugs can experiment, tweak, and instantaneously capture unrehearsed views of life with the use of this sexy gadget.

Art Directors Anonymous: Escalate celebrates the fresh, boundless imagination of some Canadian artists expressed through their trusty point-and-shoots. Each person was asked to produce a 60-second Flash movie that offers a digital slice of life. Web Architect Padrin Kwok shows us the bustle of the Toronto subway system as he scurries off to work. Chief Imagineer Carole Guevin presents stop-and-go vignettes of city life with a lazy, jazzy ambience. Creative Director Curtis Achilles shows off his weakness for stir-fried prawns and noodles and the desire to impress his girlfriend.

If you have 15 minutes to spare, enjoy the wit, talent, and personal vision captured in these one-minute teasers.
Light & Motion continues to move forward in Underwater Digital Photography with the introduction of the Titan D100, Digital SLR Photo Housing. Titan is a professional grade housing that pushes underwater digital photography to the next level. The Titan D100 is designed specifically for the Nikon D100 6.1 mega-pixel digital SLR. The D100 supports Compact Flash and Microdrive which provide massive storage capabilities that enable the user to save hundreds of high-resolution images. The Titan D100 Housing includes fingertip access to most camera controls using both mechanical interfaces, as well as infrared through the newly designed Smart Grips.

The Titan D100 is sold as a housing body only, with a variety of lens options available. Light & Motion accessory lenses include a Macro Port as well as a Wide Angle Dome to support Nikon lenses. Additional conversion rings allow the photographer to use domes from other manufacturers such as Subal, Aquatica and Sea & Sea.

Titan includes the revolutionary ROC Strobe controller, which allows the user to obtain up to 12 manual power levels on most TTL compatible strobes. Dual strobe output control and housing shutter release are conveniently located at your fingertips enabling a seamless transition between the user and housing. Housing can be purchased as a stand alone or as a complete Travel Package system featuring one or two strobes, wetlink flash connectors, accessories and custom case.
Speaking at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, Jobs demonstrated an Apple-developed browser called Safari that he claimed is the fastest available. It's "three times faster than (Internet Explorer) on the Mac."

Before the announcement, IE for the Mac had been the default Web browser on new Macs. The bundling began in 1997, when Apple cut a five-year technology agreement with Microsoft that expired last year.

"It's a very minimal" user interface, Jobs said. "We want the contents of the page to be the star here."

Safari is available as a free download starting on Tuesday and runs on Mac OS X version 10.2.

Apple also introduced a new presentation application, called Keynote. "We built this for me, and so I wanted to share it with you," Jobs said, adding that he used test versions of the software for all his Macworld presentations in 2002. The program conceivably would compete with Microsoft's version of PowerPoint for the Mac.

"Keynote imports and exports PowerPoint," Jobs said. The program also supports Adobe's PDF and Apple's QuickTime formats. Keynote will be available starting Tuesday for $99.

Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg said the release of Keynote and Apple's Web browser show that the company is "serious at not relying on Microsoft to deliver key applications to the Mac OS platform." But these products also put the Mac in a precarious position, he said, particularly if Microsoft sees these new products as a reason to slow down how quickly it releases the latest versions of Internet Explorer or Office for the Mac.

"If Apple's products fail to deliver in terms of compatibility, Apple may well have put itself at risk of losing valuable platform support from Microsoft and not being able to supplant that loss with homegrown applications," Gartenberg said. "Nevertheless, this is a risky move that Apple needs to take."
A security firm on Wednesday warned that people using Windows XP or popular music player WinAmp could fall prey to a vulnerability, enabling a modified music file to take control of a person's PC. Flaws in both pieces of software could introduce malicious MP3 or Windows Media files--which sound identical to unmodified music--into the file-swapping systems, said George Kurtz, CEO of Foundstone.

"These particular vulnerabilities are definitely attack vectors for any people or entity that is looking to go after those that are taking part in file-swapping activities," he said.

The music industry and Hollywood are eyeing such hacking tactics as a way to stop file swappers from trading copyrighted music in the future. A bill sponsored by Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif., and Howard Coble, R-N.C., and introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives in July, would allow copyright owners limited rights to hack into peer-to-peer networks.

The flaw in Windows XP can force the operating system to run code when a music file is played by Windows Explorer, the operating system's file-browsing application. Even placing the mouse pointer over a file icon--opening a preview of the file--could trigger the file's payload, if it has one. The vulnerability does not affect the Windows Media Player, according to details posted by Microsoft in its advisory.

The vulnerability occurs because certain attributes of the files can be loaded with bad data that affect the amount of memory that Microsoft's Windows allocates for the information. Known as a buffer overflow, such problems are a common software security problem.

People who use NullSoft's popular WinAmp software also have to watch out, said Foundstone's Kurtz. WinAmp has a similar flaw that allows code to run when certain multimedia tags in MP3 and WMA files are loaded with too much data. Kurtz said that the company has notified NullSoft and has a patch prepared. A representative for the software maker couldn't be reached for comment.

The patch for Windows XP is available through Microsoft's Windows Update service.  Winamp has been updated to fix this problem. The version available for download has been updated to version 3.0c even though the download name may not have changed.
Always be truthful about how you feel about someone.  Connection of the mind will always rule of connection of the body.  Then again it is hard to resist raw forms of animalistic passion. Biting. Twisting. Pinching. Scratching. Poking. Proding. Tickling. Sucking. Licking. Caressing. Loving.  

What you don't know now won't hurt you.  Women are beautiful creatures, but they are not easy on the heart.  Careful how you handle a rose.  It has a subtle, but wicked defense.  It is worth the pain for those who are up to the challenge.  Never quit because you will never know what you have till it is gone.  You are your only salvation.

Christian Adams
Some of my favorite artists here @ DA:

:iconady: :iconaltermind: :iconillustratedeye: :icondominatrix: :iconjohnnywanker: :iconjerryhazard: :iconkentsoul: :iconlostgirl: :iconmooncalfe: :iconnoplan: :icontzen: :iconatila: :iconkatseye: :iconpouka2: :iconchorse:
Computer problems?  What me worry?  I am going to go postal in Best Buy next time I am there.  Actually, my beautiful wife  has figured out a way to get my mind off my computer.  She got me a 55" big screen.  Can you just imagine how big the characters will be on my PS2?  I think I will always be a kid.

Christian Adams
Some of my favorite artists here @ DA:

:iconady: :iconaltermind: :iconillustratedeye: :icondominatrix: :iconjohnnywanker: :iconjerryhazard: :iconkentsoul: :iconlostgirl: :iconmooncalfe: :iconnoplan: :icontzen: :iconatila: :iconkatseye:
I'm not a student anymore so I can't get a discount and since students get discounts companies jack up the prices for us regular people.  Software companies don't like piracy, but that is "the pot calling the kettle black."  Elistist mentality........but i'm not bitter.  :lmao:  Oh well there is always ebay.

Christian Adams
Some of my favorite artists here @ DA:

:iconady: :iconaltermind: :iconillustratedeye: :icondominatrix: :iconjohnnywanker: :iconjerryhazard: :iconkentsoul: :iconlostgirl: :iconmooncalfe: :iconnoplan: :icontzen: :iconatila: :iconkatseye:
Too much to do so little time to do it.  Work just gets in the way.

Christian Adams
Some of my favorite artists here @ DA:

:iconady: :iconaltermind: :iconillustratedeye: :icondominatrix: :iconjohnnywanker: :iconjerryhazard: :iconkentsoul: :iconlostgirl: :iconmooncalfe: :iconnoplan: :icontzen: :iconatila: :iconkatseye:
Oh! Oh! Oh!  I want to have a Policy Violation so I can be bad and bad is cool!  Give me my computer or give me death!

Christian Adams
Some of my favorite artists here @ DA:

:iconady: :iconaltermind: :iconillustratedeye: :icondominatrix: :iconjohnnywanker: :iconjerryhazard: :iconkentsoul: :iconlostgirl: :iconmooncalfe: :iconnoplan: :icontzen: :iconatila: :iconkatseye:
Sheesh!  Well it wasn't the hard drive.  Now they think it is the motherboard.  I must have uNfed :hump: the motherboard too hard.  Anyway at this rate (3 weeks) I will have my (March) kid before my computer starts working again.  They (Best Buy) finally decided to upgrade me to the l33t tech support rather than there pawns.   Hope it helps cuz I am the most patient person I know and that is starting to wear thin.

Other news.  Attempting to get all new windows on the house done.  Got screwed by a company called Ohio Energy for 3 windows.  Great windows lousy communications skills.  Even the "President" of the company came out with us to work on the situation and told us we couldn't get a home equitty loan which was BS because we already had one for 15K.  I so wanted to shove it in his face to show him how he was trying to screw us over, but couldn't because we are going to go with another company to do the rest of our windows and save a couple thousand.

Anyway, that is how I spent my weekend.  Well that and cleaning and playing GTA: Vice City.  That game is awesome.  Just am having trouble getting past the joining the biker club part "Messing with the man."

Talk to you on the flip side.

Christian Adams
Some of my favorite artists here @ DA:

:iconady: :iconaltermind: :iconillustratedeye: :icondominatrix: :iconjohnnywanker: :iconjerryhazard: :iconkentsoul: :iconlostgirl: :iconmooncalfe: :iconnoplan: :icontzen: :iconatila: :iconkatseye:
Tech is coming on Monday to replace my hard drive.  I think I killed it?  

I have gotten bored of the Deviants forum as of late.  Nothing really intellectual to talk about in there.  Although there was a nice civil discussion on creationism vs. evolutionism.  I think :devkeo-ether: just likes subjects that end in ism. lol

I met a really cool friend the other day.  Ive only known her a short while, but am already growing attached.  I think everybody needs somebody like that when it comes to dealing with other people in your life.  She is very busy, but I understand the work she does.  She loves it because she is a very giving person and doesn't ask for much in return. She deserves a lot more credit then she is given.  Here is to hopefully having friendships that last a lifetime.

Christian Adams
Some of my favorite artists here @ DA:

:iconady: :iconaltermind: :iconillustratedeye: :icondominatrix: :iconjohnnywanker: :iconjerryhazard: :iconkentsoul: :iconlostgirl: :iconmooncalfe: :iconnoplan: :icontzen: :iconatila: :iconkatseye:
I want to get my Masters Degree.  I want to make more money.  I want my computer to work.

Christian Adams
Some of my favorite artists here @ DA:

:iconady: :iconaltermind: :iconillustratedeye: :icondominatrix: :iconjohnnywanker: :iconjerryhazard: :iconkentsoul: :iconlostgirl: :iconmooncalfe: :iconnoplan: :icontzen: :iconatila: :iconkatseye:
I have been so busy with other things I feel like I have no time to take a break and relax.  That is why I feel so guilty about not posting any photos lately, because I have been to busy to take any and get them processed.

I am trying to teach myself new programs like Adobe pagemaker, 3DS Max, QuarkXpress, Adobe Acrobat 5, Illustrator and Power Point.  So I can put on my resume that I know the print industry and 3DS Max for my animation in my video production side.

On top of that I promised my dad a year ago that I would edit and publish his and my mom's retirement luau party.  

My wife and I are also expectant a baby in March so I have to get the house in shape before he/she comes.  We are already looking into childcare and getting a 3rd vehicle (SUV or Minivan).

So unfortunately I think I am going to have to withdraw from my membership from 4x6 as I have not been as active member in photography lately as much as I would like.  I will still continue to support them because they are a great group and my favorite thing about it is getting a new challenge each month.  However, time does not permit me to do all the things I love and so I will have to choose.  Right now I choose furthering my education/career and unborn child/family over a hobby that I love so much.  

I will still post new work when I can because I could never leave photography as a hobby altogether it will just be on my own terms with no deadline to make.  

I just want to thank you all for your continured love and support and hope to post in the near future.  This is not goodbye it is just until we meet again.  Thank you.

Christian Adams
Some of my favorite artists here @ DA:

:iconady: :iconaltermind: :iconillustratedeye: :icondominatrix: :iconjohnnywanker: :iconjerryhazard: :iconkentsoul: :iconlostgirl: :iconmooncalfe: :iconnoplan: :icontzen: :iconatila: :iconkatseye:
Article by John Borland @ Cnet

The site gives consumers a legal way to download songs and burn them to CD, but price may be an issue
As it readies a new version of its online music subscription service, plans to announce today agreements to allow consumers to burn CDs from digital files.

It won't be the digital free-for-all seen in the popular file-swapping arenas, however. The company will charge consumers 99 cents (about 64 pence) per song, which means a full album of songs will cost only a few dollars less than the retail price. However, the deals are a sign that the major music labels are increasingly loosening their licensing policies for digital music.

Several other companies, including major label-backed Pressplay and independent Full Audio, also have won limited rights to let consumers burn CDs from music acquired through paid subscription services. While none of the offers exactly match consumers' desires for complete, unrestricted rights to music, it's a critical step forward, analysts say.

"CD burning is very important," said P.J. McNealy, research director with GartnerG2, a division of Gartner. "This is portability, and that's what consumers want."

Listen's Rhapsody service, along with Pressplay, MusicNet and Full Audio, all are scrambling to build businesses based around access to a huge range of music for a relatively low monthly fee. Music labels' reluctance to give up digital rights has hampered all of the services' growth, however.

Since their inception, the companies have labored under a comparison with file-swapping networks such as Kazaa or Grokster. Songs downloaded through those free services can be easily transferred to MP3 players or burned onto CDs. The subscription services have smaller catalogs, have limited ability to move songs to other devices, and most of all, cost between $10 and $15 per month. They are unambiguously legal, however -- while many other file-swapping services struggle with copyright issues.

Each of the services has taken a slightly different approach to reaching consumers. Listen has focused on reaching broadband Internet subscribers, striking a range of distribution deals with leading high-speed ISPs (Internet service providers) such as Verizon Communications and DirecTV.

A new version of Listen's Rhapsody service that includes the CD-burning function will be released next week, with the ability to burn custom CDs using songs from Universal Music, Warner Music Group, and nearly two dozen independent labels. While that leaves many popular artists out of the mix, it will include current favorites such as Eminem and Beck.

While these songs can later be "ripped" by subscribers and turned into MP3 files, Listen itself is not offering direct downloads through Rhapsody. It has the licences to offer "tethered" downloads -- similar to files offered by Pressplay and MusicNet which put restrictions on copying and transfering to other devices -- but has decided to avoid this path for now, executives say.

"We don't want to wind up introducing something that winds up confusing consumers," said Dave Williams, Listen's vice president of product management. The CD still matters most, he added. "Our research shows that most consumers who download do so with the primary end goal of burning CDs."

None of the major subscription music services have released subscriber figures yet. Analysts have routinely cautioned that none are likely to reach widespread consumer adoption at least until next year, when licensing issues and business models have had more time to be worked out.

"All these interim (licensing) steps are experiments by the record labels," McNealy said.

deviantART..........Makes me feel like I am back in high school.