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100k Hit celebration pic

By sl44n3sh-CFA
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Yumi an Emily present my celebration artwork

thank you viewers :)
I missed 25k but prepared this piece to celebrate 100.000 people (and bots ?!) have watched my deviant art page.

I hope you enjoy my drawings and support my future art
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awww this is adorable!!
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It so good to see you back that I want to tell you that this one is one of my favourites.  Her face when the marble falls and her face when she suffers in the wheelchair are simply wonderful.
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Thank you.

Poor girls from the ER right back onto the stage is really a torture considering the rough ride forth n back not to mention the stairs to the stage. Yumi was in a hurry and bumped the chair few times.

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i do, when she get better i will rub her toes to great health.
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Ho oh oh .......i remember something real :D

Very good job as always mate
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congrats... love it :)
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Congratulations my friend for the important goal achieved!
Wow, 100.000 viewers is undoubtely a lot, isn'it?
I'm so looking forward the next step, even if I'm afraid that when time for the 125k hit celebration pic will come, poor Emily will be still wearing her massive plaster casts...
At the light of the ultra-weighing marble statue she must have suffered more than serious consequences (you should have chosen a different material for the celebratory sculpture, a most "toe-safe" one...)
By the way, next time will it be Yumi's turn?
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aww poor girl lovly dress though .//////. i would rub her feets after they get better and dont hurt to be touched :3
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Excellent work, friend. Congratulations on the 100,000 hits. I love panel number three and Emily's toes look great in those casts. Also, Yumi looks fantastic in her cheerleader uniform. Can't wait for the next milestone.
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Ouch! XD Congrats to you man!
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If only she wore boots ^^
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Ouch that's gotta hurt
but anyways congradulations
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congrats ^^ no better artist on here then you slanesssssshness :D
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If there were bots, you have reached 1 million hits! ;)
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