Curiosity Lands on Mars

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I still remember sitting in front of the television watching as Apollo 11 made history by landing on the moon.… The astronauts who landed were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldren, while Michael Collins commanded the capsule in orbit, which would return them to earth.  I was glued to the screen and was totally in awe. I was a 12 at the time. I remember making a model of the Lunar landing module for a project at my school, (Maternal) I have always been fascinated by space, be it from NASA or in the form of art, as we have here.  I always try to use a NASA background for my Mandelbulb3D images, By the way, they have a "Image of the day" mailing list of which I receive every day, a different photo, animation or others. If you're interested here is the link for that.…

The photo is not to be distributed, cut or transformed. I am uploading this for visual purposes only. Check out the Wikipedia site before thinking of doing so.
Curiosity by skyzyk

It took 8 months and 352 Million miles. Here's a link to NASA's page… and the home page for NASA here Only minutes after Curiosity started sending back the first images in B&W. Plus, Curiosity looks really cool, compared to previous versions. I can't wait for the color images start streaming back. Congratulations to NASA and all the people involved. I guess you can tell I'm excited. For sure, makes me think of putting my Cosmic Space packs I bought from Digital Heavens. Gotta get my money's worth. I've already used it for some deviations,

I'll take advantage of the entry to post some of my recent faves. Good Morning to all (it's r a.m. ET here in Montreal) and have a nice day. :wave: ;)

Don't forget to visit my Favorites pages here…
I use :icondalinksystem: to help promote. Here are so other artists. me of my faves:
:thumb317867815: Gasoline Alley by Len1 :thumb317956502: Hyper-Crucifix by MANDELWERK blue background by j5rson Enchantment In Red by Frankief Gold Line by HaKhalifa Upside Down by Undead-Academy The peridot room by Vidom FREE YouTube BG .PSD Office Desk CP3 by demeters beauty in green sandstone by j5rson Courtroom Drama by phoenixkeyblack bulbs constructed with boxes by Andrea1981G MorningGlory by Frankief Croc Textures by Helenartathome

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Nice collection :D

Thank you for including one of mine :w00t:
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Thanks for adding my work :-)
Indeed this mission is already having an incredible success, given its complexity. I follow all biggest science experiments live and surely NASA ones are on top of my list.
Did you send your name to be written on a microchip onboard curiosity? I did and I'm virtually on Mars too, after being in moon orbit onboard the LRO :w00t:
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It's started sending back color videos and photos. Uncanny. Where do yo find out about the microchips. I visit NASA"s sites and have never seen anything like that. If the first was the moon and the second was Mars, I would be 97 for the next. LOL
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Lol, I explore those missions in depth, that must be why I came across it :D
Relax, the first one wasn't in the Apollo series, but the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter: [link]
And this was the Mars chance: [link]

Stay tuned, I'm sure another chance will come soon! :-)
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Thanks I book marked them both. :)
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I'll remember you're fond of this stuff and I'll alert you in case I find new opportunities :-)
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cool, thank you very much
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:iconcannotevenplz:Thank you for the feature:iconcannotevenplz:
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You are very welcome
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Thank you for the feature :)
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You are welcome. :)
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Faved for space love. =)

Let us never forget to look up......!
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I uploaded a picture of it from Wikipedia.
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Finally someone focused in on the topic! Thanks so much for the interest. :wave: :hug:
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You are welcome! I've loved astronomy since I was a little girl; I'm just terribly bad with algebra, and was discouraged from studying it as a child. I try my best to stay informed on the topic - I follow sun storms, volunteer sometimes on (really cool, if you've never seen it) and keep an eye on the science news. So glad to find another person who is enamoured of space! =)
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Thanks Friends for the feature here :)
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You are welcome Hytham.
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sounds exactly like me... watching the moon landing, building models of the LEM... lol

BTW great feature!
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I was an avid fan of Star Trek, the original and most of the versions that replaced today.
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me too. And mostly everything else sci-fi they ever put on TV... and I read sci-fi like a fiend
Thanks for the feature Gary...
I recognize myself in your story, I have been following this landing too. ;)
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many thanks for featuring my work, I really appreciate that :)
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