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My MAPS for Mandelbulb3D

This is a set of 53 MAPS for Mandelbulb3D. They are already numbered to just copy and paste the whole lot in the M3Mapsfolder. If you only have the maps that come with MB3D then type 105 when you get to the end of those. Mine start at 105
I would appreciate and request a link back this page if you use them please.

There are holes in the numbering and that is because I have installed in my computer, another set of an additional 37 maps made by kameelian and are available at Fractal Forums here: [link]
LucaGN, aka DarkBeam at Fractal Forums has also released a set.
My maps are numbered in and around those. I hope you like them.
Artwork Copyright at myfreecopyright. [link]
Downloading or modifying my images for re-distribution as resources on dA or off site is not permitted All my works are watermarks embedded with Digimarc.
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Don't forget to visit my Favorites page here [link]

I deleted this by mistake and now re uploaded it!
© 2011 - 2021 skyzyk
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GBLXVIII's avatar
Thank you so much!!
Jakeukalane's avatar
Thank you! I will use them in your memory :(
Absork's avatar
Thanks for sharing! ;)
willclark218's avatar
thanks for taking the time to share these gary... looks like a great set... going to try them out for sure...
skyzyk's avatar
I'd love to see what you did with them, if possible. you are welcome, enjoy And Thanks for the DEV WATCH :handshake:
willclark218's avatar
yup... will shoot you a link when I get something "decent" done... np on the watch
Vidom's avatar
After some time I used another of these ones, thank you :-)
skyzyk's avatar
I was just looking at it. Awesome render once again Vince.
Vidom's avatar
Thank you, Gary :-)
skyzyk's avatar
You are very welcome. I can't thank you enough for the link back. Most don't bother.
Vidom's avatar
I bother and I thank you again :-)
skyzyk's avatar
No bother at all Vince. You are always welcome here.
PurpleChaos's avatar
OK to clarify- can i use these maps in Mandel bulb for fractals that aren't going up on DA?
skyzyk's avatar
Yes you can, providing you are using them and not re-posting them.
Derivative redistribution,data base collection and online redistribution are prohibited!!!!

I would appreciate a link back for the maps because I would love to see your MB3D works using them, since I didn't find any in your gallery. Have fun
PurpleChaos's avatar
I'll let you know when I cook some up.
Dado17's avatar
I asked you to share a link to this page and you disagree so I removed the link !
skyzyk's avatar
That would mean you posted the link before you asked me. One more reason why I DO NOT SHARE. Thank you the same for removing it. Vous pouvez me parler en Francais. Alors, ce que je pense, je vous connais pas et deja je vous ne truste pas. Ca c'est triste. Avec combien d'autres vous faites ca? I will take appropriate actions if you infringe on my copyright, intellectual property once more.
Dado17's avatar
Ne vous inquiétez pas je ne risque pas de refaire un lien sur votre page DevianArt ou une autre page, mais ce que je sais que des millions de personnes viennent prendre vos ressources que vous mettez à dispositions sur cette même page et qu'il y en a qui les utilisent sans vous demander votre permission. Maintenant faite ce que vous voulez je n'en ai rien à faire car je n'ai rien à me reprocher. Votre lien vers la page a été supprimée et personne n'a utilisé vos ressources qui sont à télécharger pour mandelbulb... Rassurez-vous je ne vous ferai aucune publicité à l'avenir et ne risque plus de vous adresser la parole.
skyzyk's avatar
Ils sont pour une usage personelle pipour etre exposer ici seulement, comme la pluaprt de reouces. Ce que les gens faites, je n'ai pas le controle sur eux. Parlez moi pas, que'est-ce tu veux que ca me foute.
Dado17's avatar
I can share your map file on a group Mandelbulb 3D, here is the link to the group: [link]

Thank you for sharing, you do good work and nice.
skyzyk's avatar
I do not allow sharing as indicated in the descriptions. If you have aleardy posted this to your Facebook, REMOVE THEM. I have my own Facebook page and I do not post any of my art. Sharing is a copyright infringement and I so hope you will act accordingly. They are for personal use only.
nic022's avatar
Thank for the share !
skyzyk's avatar
You are very welcome.
Undead-Academy's avatar
Was looking for maps , will credit you if I use them :) thanks .
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