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Commission, Dark Priestess


New work :D

A sweet commission I did for a role player, her character is a dark and mysterious priestess. I was allowed to make my own thing on the design while respectig some things (crown, pale hair, dark dress). So here is my rendition, hope you like it ;)

Very inspired by this photography of the amazing Zemotion, I just had to pay credit :) :…

Oh and I have a drawcrowd profile now! Don’t hesitate to follow me here too ;)

Working track:…
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O.MY.GOD. (❤ω❤)
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Impressive work!
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that green is hot :o (Eek)   
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LoveHeart  LoveHeart  LoveHeart  LoveHeart  LoveHeart  Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love 
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Hello! I don't know if you have been informed of this, but I stumbled across this.
it wasnt enough. by DelicateDoggoDraw
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Oh okay! Thank you for the information! I had a note about this but since the artist deleted it I didn't understand why she was accused of theft! I hope she/he'll learn that it isn't a proper way to behave in the art community...but anyway if she/he tries to have commissions by saying this is her/his art, good luck to meet the expectations or the potentials commissioners she/he attracted with it xD
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I noticed it was deleted too, which is good!
It surly isn't hard to find the original artist via reverse image searching, and I'm glad that you were able to be alerted of it! Sorry about this incident and I hope that it doesn't happen again!
love your brushwork and values in this piece! there's a sense of simplicity that is ...  uncomplicated but profound application to establish depth without a shit ton of gradation. Just lovely! This was shared in a FB group and I hounded the poster to find 'the artist' ... glad I found you will be watching! Thank you! Beautiful model bone structure to heck and back. Well done. 
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I love it!! Also, I looked at it and thought that it reminded me of zemotion, then I read the caption. You did a good job capturing her style!
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j'ai lus l'article sur le blog de rito et je voulais t'encouragé pour ton magnifique travaille et c'est chose faite , et pour ne pas faire de post inutile y a t'il une référence a Judas Priest ? 
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Beautiful! Very elegant. :)
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Beautiful work!
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I just love her face!!! <3
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