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December 2020.

After a 2 month delay (no one's fault really!), the Lost Era saga will resume the week of December 3rd.

Also on tap?

The Dominion War
Lost Horizons
The Visitor Saga: Civil War (story arc)
The T'Brixi Crisis
An El Paso story arc (Century-class)
Some mix and match stuff of Nebula, Sabre, Ambassador, Centaur, and Galaxy class missions.
A Nova-class story line
A DS9 Dominion War story arc involving the USS Maranello
The final story arc of the Mirror Universe involving a post-Contact Vulcan invasion of Earth
A post TMP story arc involving the USS Enterprise, USS Pacific, and the USS Reliant on various missions
USS Galaxy storyline
A Kelvinverse tribute to The Next Generation series


Artwork by Jetfreak-7.

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A New Orleans-class starship, very nice. I assume she's named after Gainesville, Florida?

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I used to live in Gainesville. I am now out in Putnam County, FL.

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Everyone living in or knows about the city of Gainesville is pretty excited. lol

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I used to live near the college students at 'College Manor'. It was too loud and eventually I moved to a house just off of 13th Street. I ended up leaving there and lived for a while in High Springs, FL. Long-story-short, I am now in Palatka, FL. I am settled with where I am now. I have no intentions of leaving this town. I love it here. It's a mix of suburbia and rural places. There are nice older homes, many have been refurbished, and less than two miles away are more rural as people have horses and other farm animals. We just got this past December a Captain D's Fish and chicken fast food restaurant. and we got a Firehouse Subs restaurant. This town was always small but it seems new businesses are moving into this area as our town has grown a bit with good paying jobs less than 10 to 15 miles away. I've been here for over ten years and I still love it. Gainesville is too 'busy' and filled with college students while where I am now is mostly people between ages 40 and older. Yes, many have kids but we have had little crime in the time I've been here. There are so many people over age 40 and 50 here and I guess that is one reason why I prefer it to Gainesville. The local population is a mix of persons from all over and includes many originally from up north. We have persons of all backgrounds and everyone seems to just be polite to one another and as I said, almost no crime.

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Very cool banner for yout story! :thumbsup: or :goodjob:

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