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Star Trek-The Visitor: Chap 13: Books @ Brownies
Captain Amanda Hunter absently touched the new holograph of her and Timothy Saenz together at Hidger Beach–taken just a few hours before the recall notice was issued by Starfleet Command.
This was what she was missing the most in life. Some reason to live. And love again.
And even though their brief rendezvous made a distinct impression on the two of them, the woman saw it as a new thread being weaved into the stream of life.
The pain she felt over losing Brian was still there–in her heart–but being with Timothy took some of that away and replaced it with something else.
Something familiar.
The door to her quarters suite chimed a couple of times, and the woman went to answer it with a light jaunt in her step.
“Coming.” She answered with brisk authority–thinking it was Councilor Anna Graves wanting to go over her latest counseling session results from the previous week.
But to her surprise, it was her First Officer, Lieutenant-Commander Trevor Rawlins
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The Call

King County, Washington.

Vashon Island.

Stardate 4748.76. (February 13th, 2267. Tuesday.)


Bridgette St. Claire stared at the top of her fireplace mantle belonging to her mother's ground level duplex for a moment, thinking back to the moment when she was presented with an extremely rare medal in all of Starfleet history: The Fleet Admiral's Cross for Service and Valor--a new award given in extremely special circumstances for service above and beyond the call of duty.

It was the ultimate expression of honor afforded to those in the service because it spoke of a person's ability to stare in the face of impossible odds while upholding the Federation's most cherished ideals in the process.

The blood red cross with the updated Starfleet insignia at its center signified sacrifice on top of that and the woman didn't take that lightly. Lives were indeed lost in the exchange and the captain of the USS Challenger would always remember this day as being one of absolute importance.

But right next to her display sat a box of Belgium-creme chocolates with a card attached to it.

A small gift of appreciation from her long time friend and comrade, Jeffrey Tabor. Of course, this had been something of a tradition between them since the days of middle school and junior high while she and her family lived in Burien: Sandwiched between family reunions and summer trips to Ireland. 

Emmy took the card from the top and opened it--knowing what kind of a message it would contain: A word of friendship and a customary dinner invite to the newly relocated Daniel's Broiler in downtown Seattle.

If anything, the woman had a weakness for the extravagant food choices at that particular restaurant and the wine selections were to die for.

And it had been quite a while since she had a normal meal that hadn't been reconstituted out of a food slot since going on leave right after the ceremonies at Starbase 23.

Earth was another matter entirely. A ticket tape parade right down Fifth Avenue for her actions on the frontier. More ceremonies at San Francisco's very own Starfleet Academy, a new memorial dedicated to the fallen heroes of the Battle of Kizar IV, and speaking engagements galore that lasted the better part of the new year. It had only been a few weeks since that she's had any real time for herself.

And family.

Opening up the box, Bridgette smiled at the nice selection of chocolates and picked a walnut flavored one with almonds in it and bit off a section of it before she heard her door bell chime a couple times in the process.

The woman frowned.

"I'm not expecting visitors today." She mused quietly, thinking it must have been one of her star-struck neighbors wanting some quality holo time and an autograph for the Alpha Quadrant's newest heroine to come down the pipe in quite some time.

She sighed then, thinking about all the stuff one legendary Starfleet captain had to go through himself because of his exploits.

Straightening up, she nodded. "Comes with the territory, girl. Better get used to it."

Going to the door, she unlocked it and was immediately greeted by five people: Jeffrey Tabor was one, but she was surprised by the fact that Admiral Joshua Kenning and Captain Amanda Turing were in the small group. The other two she didn't recognize at first.

"Sorry, about this Emmy." Jeffrey said in ways of apology. "But something important has come up."

"What?" The woman asked with growing alarm and unease.

"It's Hunter." He said. "Jeff's gone missing out near Fayen II."

Emilia wore a horrified expression on her face. "Oh my god...! Is that why you guys are here? Because of him?" She persisted, then briefly saluted Josh in turn.

"Sorry, sir. Where are my manners? Come in, come in. I'll fix us some coffee or tea. Your preference."

Stepping back, she let everyone into her home and had them take seats on the reclining sofas in the living room, or recliner chairs next to them. Then she closed the door behind her.

Jeffrey followed her into the kitchen of course--while everyone took their seats--his expression full of concern and worry as well.

"I can't believe he's gone missing!" The woman breathed as she got down to the business of serving her guests. "Last I heard, he was out on a mission of strict importance for Starfleet Security."

"That was what the news services hinted at, yes. But that all changed a few months ago--right after our award ceremony on Starbase 23 in fact. We just got the call a week ago--a badly garbled distress call. Starfleet's been analyzing the situation ever since."

"Do they know what happened?" The woman asked, trying to settle her nerves as well as her wits. Her hands were shaking a bit in the process and Jeffrey had to reach over and calm her down.

"It's okay, Emmy. It's okay. Stop worrying. Everything will be okay."

The woman broke down in tears then. "It's not going to be okay! Jeff and I were supposed to meet up the next time we both had shared shore leave together on Temara III! He promised!"

"I know. I know." Jeffrey said with open sympathy on his part. "But as the old saying goes: Shit happens."

The woman nodded and wiped her eyes. "Okay, okay. I'll be fine. I just...never thought anything bad would happen to Jeff. I mean, he's in command of one of the most advanced ships in the fleet--second only to my boat and that of the Britannica."

"Yes, I know. But Starfleet is worried nonetheless. It isn't every day that someone can take on a Federation-class dreadnought and win."

"Win? Win?" She repeated in shock and confusion.

Jeffrey nodded. "Unfortunately, yes. In this case, it wasn't even a close contest. Whomever attacked the Dominion did so with brutal efficiency. The ship was overwhelmed and boarded. We don't know what happened to her crew. But by all indications, there apparently were survivors."

"Was Jeff among them?"
"We don't know. That's why Josh is here. He's going to tell you the rest of the story as soon as you finish making everyone coffee and tea."

Emilia nodded, shelving her thoughts for now. The news was bad enough, but she couldn't have imagined anything happening to her dear old Academy classmate and year round practical joker--of which she was an unwilling participant to many of his legendary pranks.

In a few minutes two serving trays were ready with cups of steaming black coffee and tea and the two carried them back to the glass coffee table in the living room.

"Sorry for the hold up everyone. Jeff and I were discussing some things about this new revelation of yours."

Joshua nodded. "I'm sorry, Emmy." he said in a soft baritone voice. "I'm sorry it had to be Captain Hunter of all people. But fate doesn't play well with Starfleet's finest and bravest captains. You know that."

Emilia nodded. "I know sir. I know."

Everyone helped themselves to their cup of choice and the woman got comfortable on the edge of her futon with Jeffrey Tabor joining her.

"So what's her story, Josh?"

"Amanda? She's going to be joining you. Same with Captain Tabor here and Captains Derek Chadwick and Captain T'vok."

Both men nodded, while T'vok wore an impassive look on his face. But it broke a moment later in almost pure human fashion.

"You have my condolences, Captain. A loss to the Fleet and to the service." He said.

"Is he dead?" Emilia wanted to know. 

Josh shrugged. "We don't know. All we know is that right after Starfleet got the garbled distress call, a second distress call was picked up. Very distorted and weak. But it contained a series of Starfleet service numbers and a coded frequency. We think it belonged to some survivors which made it off the ship after it was boarded and captured and fled the scene in a hurry. The signal came from a habitable planetoid some 18 AU's from the Dominion's last reported position." He sipped from his cup for a second and shrugged.

"After that...we heard nothing. Not a word."

"And that was five weeks ago." Amanda interjected then.

Emmy was crushed by the news. Staring into her cup, she took a couple of deep breaths to steady herself.

"So what now? What does Starfleet want to do next?"

"Launch a rescue mission to the very edge of the Alpha Quadrant. Where the Dominion was last reported missing." The man said. "But you won't be traveling alone."
"Seeing the brass here, I'm not surprised I won't be." She managed to chuckle. Looking at Amanda, she queried: "You're Captain Tracey Hickman's replacement for the USS Hood, right? From the after action mission with the Klingon incursion out near Ganza III?"

The other woman nodded. "That's right."

Emmy looked at the other two senior captains as well.

"So how does things sit with the Belarus trade routes?" She wanted to know. "Is Captain Regina Harris still giving you guys grief over that incident?"

Derek grinned. "You have to ask? The woman still thinks she has the edge with her ship as I do with mine. The Kitty Hawk is no pushover though."

Emmy nodded in return. "How's the new Constellation holding up, Captain T'vok? Did your shakedown cruise give you any problems worth reporting?"

The Vulcan captain shook his head. "No. Everyone performed well to my satisfaction. Thank you for asking."

Jeffrey raised his hand. "Which reminds me: You'll be having a new addition to our growing task force. Patrick Miller. USS Darter."

"Why him? Isn't he supposed to be on detached duty right now at the Hillshire III farming colony?"

Joshua cleared his throat for a second. "Been recalled."

Emmy nodded slowly.

"So...I'm looking at three Constitution class cruisers and two Saladin-class destroyers? Isn't that a bit much for a rescue mission of this type?"

"It's not the rescue mission that has us worried. It's who we might be dealing with after one hundred years." The man said with grave concern.

"Someone else?"

"We don't know. But the data and scans we managed to extract from the Dominion's transmission packet suggests that an old threat of Starfleet's has somehow resurfaced after being out of the picture for the last 110 years."

"What threat? And why does it involve me?"

"Because of your involvement and history with Section 31." Jeffrey piped up then. "In fact, you could say, we're cleaning up that department's mess once again--seeing how they were involved in the old Arctic One research mission to the North Pole 110 years ago."
"I don't understand...why is it my fault? Or that of Section 31's?" Emmy repeated in confusion.

The door bell rang again at that point and everyone looked towards the door.

"Ah. There's our guest of the hour. Emilia--would you be a dear and go greet her? She's had a very long trip from the Vulcan embassy at San Francisco. And she tires easily. So don't ask her too many questions."

The woman nodded out of habit and got up from her seat--taking her coffee with her. Jeffrey gave Josh a look that communicated to him everything, but neither man said anything at that very moment.

Emilia opened the door and gasped. Standing right there was a ghost from Starfleet's past. A period of time of hardship and expansion:

Ambassador T'Pol herself. 

She smiled.

"Greetings, Captain. May we come in?" She asked.


Artwork by Jetfreak-7.
The Peacemaker: A Prince Amongst Thieves (4k V.)
This is the opening salvo to a series of covers for my PEACEMAKER saga made by none other than Jetfreak-7 himself.

Since my other novels have gotten a cold reception from the online community in terms of sales and pulled until further notice, maybe this one will be different.

I mean...unless people hate action/adventure-military sci-fi...?

John Birmingham...?

Eat your heart out. :D

Books in this series:

The Peacemaker-A Prince Amongst Thieves (2010-2012) COMPLETED
The Peacemaker-War Dragons (2019) IN PROGRESS
The Peacemaker-Blood of The Fallen (TBA)
The Peacemaker-Brother’s Keeper (TBA)
The Peacemaker-Ghost Protocol (TBA)

"Under New Management" has the complete list for THE DAGGER'S TIP saga.
Prelude To Dominion (4K Version)
For many of Starfleet's vaunted ideals, First Contact with a new species or race is always a touch and go problem that can go from bad to worse in a heartbeat--depending on the given situation.

But how does Starfleet stack up against a threat that they've faced before 110 years ago? What then?


Captain Jeffrey Hunter shut the doors to one of the rec rooms and locked it--fearing for not only those that had taken refuge on the lower decks after their ship had been boarded--but himself as well.

He had lost track of time and count of how many of his crewmen had been "assimilated" by this new species identifying themselves as the Borg. But all he knew was the battle that followed the Dominion's initial contact with a sphere shaped vessel on the outlying fringes of the Alpha Quadrant--was dreadfully short and to the point:

Starfleet had lost the fight. It had shown in the faces of his bridge crew before they were boarded by cybernetic beings with ruthless efficiency.

It showed in the faces of the few refugees that had managed to escape and make their way down to the lower decks. Jeffrey Hunter counted himself as one of the lucky few that managed to make it, but all he knew is that if he could make it to the forward shuttle deck and commandeer a shuttle for himself and the survivors, they might stand a chance to escape this nightmarish scenario.

"Captain..." one of the frightened yeomans began with fear in her voice. "Have you seen Richard anywhere? I can't find him."

The man shook his head, while nursing a bruised arm. It was a gift from his fight on the Main Bridge before his people fell to the Borg, before he was able to send out an Alpha-One-Zero distress call and jump through one of the emergency egress trunks located behind one of the last functioning turbolifts.

But he still was haunted by the looks of his Communication Officer as he was set upon by one of those...things and attacked without provocation.

The last thing he saw with his own two eyes before shutting the hatch.

It was a look he would never forget.

"I don't know, Melanie. I'm sorry. I wasn't really focusing on finding out. Not with what has been going on since we got boarded."

"I'm scared." The young woman bleated.

Jeffrey sighed. "I know. So am I. But I promise...we won't have to be for long. The main shuttle deck is just two decks down. We can make it as long as we are quiet and don't make as much noise."

"What about the others, Captain?" Another low-ranking specialist asked bravely.

Jeffrey looked at the other man for a moment to measure his response.

"Don't think about it. That's an order. Focus now on survival. We may be the only ones left that haven't been taken by these things."

"I thought we were going to have an otherwise peaceful exchange...?" The same specialist ventured with false optimism.

Jeffrey nodded. "So did I. So did I..." He relayed back with quiet affirmation. Then he looked around the semi-lit rec room under the deck's emergency lighting and nodded.

"Okay. You know the drill children: Five minutes. Then we move to the next room. And we continue to make our way forward."

A sudden sound materialized out of nowhere close by and everyone turned to face what had just beamed in front of them: It was small squad of Borg drones!

The captain's pulse quickened as he realized that they had just run out of time.

"MOVE!" He yelled out--holding the piece of reinforced rebar that he had managed to cut away from a broken support beam with a plasma torch. Then he jumped in to attack.

Two others came with him with their own hand weapons--since regular hand phasers had no effect on these things.

"Timothy! Get the door open! The rest you--? Move out!" Jeffrey yelled over the din of clashing metal and whirring servos.

The fight was on.


Artwork by Jetfreak-7.
For years, I have tried to get people to do artwork for my novels. But every time I get close enough to the act, close enough to doing what I've been dreaming of for years, it never pans out worth beans.

Either the deal falls through or the artwork wasn't what I had in mind. The thing is, is that I am a visual--visceral--writer than I am the "let's do a character profile template" one.

These days, I'm more into the personality of my characters, not their physical attributes. And trying to make everyone online understand that is like pulling teeth.

Nobody fucking does.

And to be honest...? It's not their fault. These people operate on the principle of detailed visuals--something they can work off on. But so efforts have been a colossal failure because I can't get anyone to understand how I operate as a writer.

There's just not much to go on. Trying to get a character commission done based off a first person perspective is virtually impossible.

I don't know why I keep trying, but some part of me wants to see my characters brought to life. Maybe it's better if I wait until the book is published and then try again.
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