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JULY Newsletter!

design a FEESH

Last month the fish contest came to a close. You guys had some really killer entries that we're looking over right now! These entries require a lot of consideration so we appreciate your patience in choosing winners!

Other than that, we've been quite busy getting ready for the anniversary. So let's get into the changes that are happening and what to expect!

The state of Wyngro: Getting ready for our 5th year

Nestly: This year is very special, as it’s our 5th year anniversary! We’ve come a long way since this group started as a humble little side project, and I can’t thank all of you enough for your interest and support. But I don’t want to sit here and spew that same old “thank you” speech. I’m going to be real with you all right now.

Wyngro has been slow lately, even stagnating in progress. It’s tough because I’m in the progress of getting some things coded and well, coding takes a lot of time, the right person, and a lot of background work that you guys can’t see.

Despite that, I want Wyngro to be a place that is active, with or without the coded stuff. So we’ve ripped the old carpet out from this grimy old room and have been heavily discussing new furnishings. So with that, I’m excited to announce...

Wyngro Year 5: Our GRAND RE-OPENING!

Yep, you heard it right. We’re making MYOs FREE again for NEW members! This means if you have a friend you want to bring in, they can make their first wyngro for free! When we closed originally at the start of 2018, we were struggling with the constant influx of people trying to get into the group. Since things have slowed down a lot since then, we’re finally stable enough to make this a free feature throughout the year.

So starting on the 19th, our MYOs for NEW members will remain open.

What if I had a Wyngro previously on a different account? Can I get a new one for free?

No, this feature is for NEW members only. Multiple accounts are not allowed in Wyngro, so please do not attempt to make a new wyngro through this method, as it is a bannable offense.

What’s new for the Anniversary then?

As I said, we’ve been considering our mechanics carefully and how to revamp them for this grand re-opening. We want Wyngro to be easy to join, and easy to get started with earning wyns and new upgrades.


The Wyn system is going through a revamp to make it simpler and easier to use! We’ve altered our Wyn Guide and what you can earn wyns for!


This new system was created to reward more wyns to those that create Polished Pieces, as well as those who just like to be sketchy and loose! Here’s a breakdown on what to expect:

Arrow left There are no more extra wyns per “gift art gros”, stories, or backgrounds.

Arrow left You get 1 wyn per Wyngro related character (As long as they are at least a bust!)

Arrow left Characters mean anything “alive”, and include all pets, creatures, spites, etc.

Arrow left Sketches are now worth 1 wyn!



Take a look here!

Our new profile tracker will be where you add links to each deviation you draw for the group going forward. You can select what type of art it is, the number of characters, and if it’s for a Monthly Prompt!

Then, the sheet will automatically spit out the correct wyn count for you! No more manual counting! Nice!

How do I make my own Profile Tracker?

In the menu above of Google Sheets, click on File-->Make a Copy! Easy!


Is this Profile Tracker required to earn wyns?

Starting July 19th, 2020, the Profile Trackers will be required for those that do not have Max Wyns. In your descriptions, you’ll need to link this tracker for everything submitted to the Wyngro gallery. This will help everyone keep track of things, as well as mods to make sure everyone is playing fairly!

What about my previous wyn count?


Easy, just add your current total here! It will be added to your total.


Say goodbye to the old Weekly Prompt format. It’s time for something new! Each month, there will be a list of 5 different prompts to draw. If you complete one, you’ll earn 5 bonus wyns on top of your total! This means, if you do all 5 prompts, you can earn a total of 25 extra wyns a month!

There are 5 different categories as well:

Arrow left Word Prompts: These function just like Inktober. Draw something based on a word theme!

Arrow left Lore Prompts: These are the old Weekly Prompts and give you something lore related to Wyngro.

Arrow left Art Medium Prompts: These require you to use different art mediums.

Arrow left Color Palette Prompts: These require you to use specified pallets to color a drawing with.

Arrow left Doodle Collab Prompts: Take a doodle and make it into something Wyngro related.

5 unique prompts will be available each month, and will rotate on a roster system, with new prompts being created and hand-selected each month!

What about the Stickers?!

Wyngro Sticker - Wilted Flower

Weekly Prompt stickers are now retired, but they may make a return at a later date when our systems are different. You’ll still see them around for events and such though!

Monthly prompts will be available ASAP! Keep a lookout for a journal on that soon!

New Special Anniversary Upgrade & Pallets! BULB EARS!


Much like the Bloom Tail from last year, this special upgrade glows with the wyngro’s magic! Neat!

Here’s another important detail you’ll want to take note of:

This upgrade can be added to ANY ONE existing wyngling or adult that does NOT currently have a retired upgrade already on it!

This year, we’re not limiting the special upgrade to MYO's uploaded on that day. We’ve heard your suggestions, and we’ve listened. You’re now able to place these on any gro you’d like, so long as they do not currently have an upgrade listed on this page.

Can I add the Bulb Ears to a new wyngling submitted as a MYO on the Anniversary?

Yes! In fact, any MYO wynglings submitted on the 19th for the Anniversary can have these ears! You are only limited to how many MYO slots you have as to how many bulb ear MYO babies you can make on the Anniversary.

What if I already have a MYO ticket? Can I wait to create my free wyngro on the Anniversary and use my ticket afterward for an additional Wyngro?

If you're a new member who has not previously been in Wyngro, yes.

Can I upload a Bred wyngling on the Anniversary with the Bulb Ears?

No. If you want the bulb ears on a bred/purchased wyngling, please make sure to have them approved ahead of time so that you can apply them on the Anniversary!

What if I want to use the normal MYO palettes?

Then you can wait till the 20th to make a regular MYO because we’re STAYING OPEN! Whoo!

How do I start making a wyngling for the anniversary?


Unfortunately this year, we could not get the MYO Maker coded for the new templates, so you won’t be using the website to make them this year. Instead, we’re using static templates. You can find them all here:


How to use the templates:

Simple! Save the template you want to use and open it in your art program of choice. Then draw your Wyngro in the empty box on the left. Make sure to follow all the rules in the MYO guide pertaining to creating your wyngro!

(NOTE: Remember the 2nd color on the palette above is the baby spot color and cannot be used on the secondary placements!!)

If you need further help with placements or MYO rules, please read the guide!


Need help? Check our Discord server!

Many members & staff alike will be happy to help you with your new wyngro, help look things over for you, and get them all ready for the anniversary! So please use this resource to triple check your work! (Plz)

When & Where do I submit my Anniversary wyngling?

Remember that we use Discord now to post MYO approvals, so you’ll go into the Wyngro Discord in the #MYO_Approval channel and fill out the form in there for your approval to be approved. We will announce on the 19th when MYOs for that day will be open!

What else is planned for the Anniversary?

We are releasing that new pet we teased last month! They will start appearing in abundance after the 19th in our Patreon tier “Radical Runeboo”, which is out $5 tier! We will release all info on them then! Oh, what’s that? You want one more hint?

...Well, that’s a sticky situation, isn’t it?

We’re also introducing a brand new location and mechanic that the folks of Last Notch have been putting together for Wynsiph! Whether the residents like it or not… is another question. (Reed seems to be scheming behind Coraline lately. HMM.)

As well as a never-before-seen special themed auction that is sure to be a lot of fun!

So stay tuned and get excited! Year 5 here we come!


At the beginning of each month, the staff will select one artist to nominate for this feature! Members are chosen on the following aspects:

Activeness, being friendly to staff and other members, helpfulness, support, creativeness with their characters and ideas, and so on! We want to show that we DO notice you guys and how hard you work to improve your art and your characters, and we appreciate the time and attention you give to this group!

MotM winners are rewarded with the following prizes:

Featured on the front page all month with incentives for members to draw them gift art!

Arrow left 3 Novas!

Arrow leftExclusive sticker!

Arrow left 1 Breeding Ticket!

Arrow left One month of Patreon server access all month!

They will also be displayed under the red color role of MotM on Discord all month!

So please give warm congratulations to our current Member of the Month...


birdmir birdmir birdmir

WYN - Thoughts Elsewhere
WYN - Hideaway
WYN - Moonlit Comeuppance
WYN - Fresh Start pt 2
WYN - Fresh Start pt 1
WYN - Ramon Water Magic 6
WYN - Tea Party Princess
WYN - I See The Bite

Birdmir has been around since November of 2016. In the community, they're well known for having funny, iconic wyngrew that are sure to make you crack a smile. They have drawn an amazing amount of content since they joined Wyngro. Over the years we have seen their interactions with other members and they are always happy to participate and interact with others. The amount of improvement they've gone through is truly staggering. We can't to see what they're going to do next!

We hope that you will join us in wishing them a happy birthday this month!

Which brings us to the next part of MotM...

Get 1+wyn for each colored full-body drawing you draw of BIRDMIR's Wyngrew!

Each of Birdmir's wyngro characters will get you +1 wyn! (but they must be colored full bodies) They can be separate deviations or a group drawing, but drawing one character more than once will not get you more wyns.

Why not draw your Wyngro interacting with theirs as well? Have fun!


Swimmer Skirt

Another chance for fun in the pool! Swimmer Skirt has successfully made it into the rotation for the second year in a row! Patrons in the 15$ tier gain access to adding this upgrade to ONE of their adult wyngro free! In addition, they may gem this upgrade onto as many other wyngro—wyngling or not-- as they wish!

Sign up for our $15 tier to get them this month only!

As a reminder, non-patrons may gem this upgrade onto ADULTS ONLY.


At the beginning of each month, our staff picks out some favorites from the previous month to celebrate their efforts! These can be picked out by art skill, creativity, humor, story, character development, mood, etc!

WP: #64: Musical Harmony! Fuuka is performing!
Wax On
Saved by a Boo (DTA/WTA entry)
Sorry Mom
(Collab) Wyngro: Sneaky [STORY IN DESC]
Peer Groupies
[ WY ] Summer camp - W5 P5
[Wyngro] I'm the Queen of the World
Spending time in the trees.
WYN: Cave
Summer Camp - Hide and seek
She'll Never Find Us Here!
Light [WP: #64: Musical Harmony!]
SummerCamp Week 7: Cake at the Lake

Congratulations! If your deviation was posted here, that means a nova has been added to your bank! See you next month, everyone!

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imboredandtiredHobbyist Digital Artist

I can't wait to make one :3

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TheoBoy415Hobbyist General Artist

:0 Solomon in the new wynn guide hrrng hes so baby!

Edit: Also,,, gonna be so much harder to get wyns now hrrng. I'm so far away from the stuff I need

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XanamaiHobbyist Artist

What is Reed up to,,,,,,,,,

Zoom Eyes

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SkywizHobbyist Digital Artist

Tax day is upon us.

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SpacehumsHobbyist Digital Artist

Congrats birdmir!!!

I actually really love the anni upgrade for this year. And my art got featured? fkjghslkdjfh

Thank you guys!! Day56 - Happy Cry

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horseg27Hobbyist General Artist

Oh anniversary stuff! Another glowy upgrade! Most excited to see the new pets though.

Also congrats Birdmir!

Plus seven out of seventeen of the showcase pictures were from summer camp! There was a lot of focus on that this month ;P I know it took up a lot of my time :D

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mothfeetsHobbyist Digital Artist

I've been apart of wyngro for almost four years and it helped me get back into drawing and gave me something to enjoy in a really hard part of my life. I'm happy that the group is still going strong and I'm excited for this year's anniversary!

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CLA5HESStudent General Artist

I am so excited for anni, everything sounds like so much fun!!!

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