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Comeback by Skywings808 Comeback :iconskywings808:Skywings808 5 4 The Time Has Come by Skywings808 The Time Has Come :iconskywings808:Skywings808 12 7 Sicky by Skywings808 Sicky :iconskywings808:Skywings808 6 1 When All Is Said And Done... by Skywings808 When All Is Said And Done... :iconskywings808:Skywings808 6 2 Snowfall by Skywings808 Snowfall :iconskywings808:Skywings808 7 2 Under the Mistletoe by Skywings808 Under the Mistletoe :iconskywings808:Skywings808 14 3 SwiftRaider Redesign! by Skywings808 SwiftRaider Redesign! :iconskywings808:Skywings808 15 0 Commish: Ayaka by Skywings808 Commish: Ayaka :iconskywings808:Skywings808 14 5
No Escape: A TFP OC Story ch.20
Overall rated T for violence, gore
This chapter rated T.
Summary: Zero crosses a familiar face and has one on one time with certain Autobots. Acceptance is key. Things are slowly starting to mend….slowly.
~Zero's POV~
At The Autobot base:
I tossed and turned in my berth, unable to sleep. The rest of the team closed up shop hours ago and I was escorted by Optimus back to the spare room which I guess I could now claim as mine. He told me that I was to start my training tomorrow but I'm not exactly sure who with since I'm sure no one was up to the task.
I got up and made my way to the door before I paused with a skeptical look on my face. I stared at the surely locked door before me. There's no way they left the door unlocked. Sure enough, it didn't budge when I pressed the command key to open it as the screen flashed red. With a sigh, I turned back but decided against laying back down. Instead, I transformed into my Predaco
:iconskywings808:Skywings808 2 1
Color Swap by Skywings808 Color Swap :iconskywings808:Skywings808 12 10
No Escape: A TFP OC Story ch. 19
Overall rated T for violence, gore
This chapter rated K.
Summary: Zero tries to defy his request to become an Autobot but quickly finds that he must work towards their acceptance of him, and fast.
~Zero's POV~
I'd say it's been a few days, maybe a week, I'm not sure. That's what happens what you're locked away in a room with nothing than a berth and an empty table, no windows or anything. I just sat there on the berth in the corner with my legs drawn up, staring in the direction of the steel door, waiting. I could so very easily break out, especially since my only restraints were a pair of stasis cuffs that hadn't even been activated. But...I didn't.
I want to become an Autobot.
That simple request echoed in my head. It was that simple request that made everyone distrust me even more. As soon as I had uttered those words, everyone stared at me with shock. Arcee glared at me and started shooting me down with reasons why I
:iconskywings808:Skywings808 2 3
Misinterpretations by Skywings808 Misinterpretations :iconskywings808:Skywings808 8 7 Minicon Twins Concept Sketches by Skywings808 Minicon Twins Concept Sketches :iconskywings808:Skywings808 4 5 Contest Prize 2: MikuPapercraft by Skywings808 Contest Prize 2: MikuPapercraft :iconskywings808:Skywings808 9 2 Backup by Skywings808 Backup :iconskywings808:Skywings808 14 5 Contest Prize: Malkah5967 by Skywings808 Contest Prize: Malkah5967 :iconskywings808:Skywings808 3 5
If you like my work, please comment! I love to get feedback :)


Mystery Skulls Meme (G1 Transformers version) by Garnet-Frost Mystery Skulls Meme (G1 Transformers version) :icongarnet-frost:Garnet-Frost 50 7 We Are Venom by lrguyart We Are Venom :iconlrguyart:lrguyart 10 8 Zacks Hoodie by ARSugarPie Zacks Hoodie :iconarsugarpie:ARSugarPie 158 33 Satsuriku no tenshi Angels of Death Isaac Foster by TodesengelChii Satsuriku no tenshi Angels of Death Isaac Foster :icontodesengelchii:TodesengelChii 44 4 Roddy by Nightscream19 Roddy :iconnightscream19:Nightscream19 2 9 Under the Sea by Nightscream19 Under the Sea :iconnightscream19:Nightscream19 18 12 Nightmare by Nightscream19 Nightmare :iconnightscream19:Nightscream19 21 1 Parasyte vs Tokyo Ghoul - Crossover Render by YuukoRenders Parasyte vs Tokyo Ghoul - Crossover Render :iconyuukorenders:YuukoRenders 11 0 How to i make Sea ^^ by Closz How to i make Sea ^^ :iconclosz:Closz 1,792 16 Tutorial - Splashing water by AonikaArt Tutorial - Splashing water :iconaonikaart:AonikaArt 5,619 217 The Trouble with Twins by Galaxynite The Trouble with Twins :icongalaxynite:Galaxynite 136 21 Skyblade's Gift (gift) by EmpressGypsy Skyblade's Gift (gift) :iconempressgypsy:EmpressGypsy 7 2 Christmas Break by LieutenantAstria27 Christmas Break :iconlieutenantastria27:LieutenantAstria27 6 10 'Lost and Found' : A TFP OC Comic - pg.11 by MessyArtwok 'Lost and Found' : A TFP OC Comic - pg.11 :iconmessyartwok:MessyArtwok 52 55


It's hard to put into words how awesome this piece is. Although I am not much of a Megatron fan, this pic is epic. I love the different...


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Agent SkyHigh
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Time for an update!

I am no longer a dorky 16 year old high school student, I am now the dorky 17 year old high school grad who has no idea what lies ahead of her. I am still into transformers but as I have disappeared away on my 5 month long hiatus, my horizons have expanded somewhat. I am now a fan of Tokyo Ghoul, numerous DC and Marvel thingies, and more so into self creativity (creating original species, characters, stories). I am a Hawaii girl so I be broke. I am still pursuing my dream of becoming an animator/character designer one step at a time. The character above is an example of one of my original characters in development so please do not steal or use! It as of now remains nameless and I am indecisive of a set gender but they will serve as my avatar online and my face through art :>

My awesome dA family peeps~ (will update!)

The awkward aunt that only attends family reunions and only talks about writing so she can't socialize very well with all of her artsy family: :iconmegan1289:

Sisters: :icona-paranoid-android: :iconiamatehcat: :iconprophetofprimes:

Lil sis: :iconshoinoh:

Ask if you would like to be on here :)

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Ok ok, no more talk, I'm gonna get up and do it. Out of the listed OCs, who do you want to see redesigned first?

-Firewheel (to be renamed as well)

Other non-listed OC's will be discontinued.
ehhhhhh.....I really wanna change my username. Is Core seriously the only way?
Who would be interested in a revision of my TF OC story “No Escape” in comic form? I think that it’d be good for me to begin working on such a long term project to improve my skills. Would anyone care to see that?
So I’m considering doing redesigns of a few of my characters that I’d like to bring back into the light, later I’ll possibly be introducing more (not transformers related) but in the meantime, which of my TF characters do you guys care for a redesign of?
Just got me a new MacBook Pro so if I can sync up my old Wacom, be expecting the lifeblood of art on this account to flow once more ^^
Sooo yeah, comment "hello!" if you're still an active watcher of mine or at least someone who wants to see more of my art :) Hope y'all having a good morning, afternoon, evening, or night (it's 9pm exact here atm)


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a-paranoid-android Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2018  Student General Artist
thanks so much for the watch! :la:
Skywings808 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course!
RRJones Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the Fave!!!
Skywings808 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You're very welcome!
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Edited Oct 28, 2017
Just to further clarify, there is one exception when it come to my new rule for me to not longer satirize DeviantArt Users:

When it's a person that actually DOES deserve to be satirized. For example, these sociopaths known as Rodegas and RochambeauFR, both of whom call for violence against innocent people:
In retrospect, I realize that you are not deserving of being satirized, so that is why I apologize to you. And I mean that sincerely. I also sincerely apologize for not realizing that earlier last year. :(
Skywings808 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad that you took the time to think on it and apologize to me, which I accept. I don't believe anyone should be satirized as it doesn't really do much but feed the fire, and from the expierience, it kinda sucks to be the center of satire, but hey, that's just my opinion. Thank you for apologizing, really, I truly appreciate it.
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Edited Oct 29, 2017
Thank you for your forgiveness, and in response to your very own thank you, you're very welcome.

Fair enough. Personally, at this point, I came to the conclusion that only bad people deserve to be satirized, such as Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Joseph Kony, etc., which is why I truly regret that I initially satirized an innocent person like you.

And the best part is, I deleted all of my past Boss Fight Ideas that featured DeviantArt users.

Also, the Gods that I believe in, the Ancient Gods of the Filipino Pantheon, scolded me for my misbehaviour, like parents would scold misbehaving children, because I made fun of you for a very petty reason. Which is yet another reason why I feel guilty for making fun of you for a very childish reason.
Arc-Caster135 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday! :D
Skywings808 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!!
Jasperinity Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2017
Happy birthday! :D
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