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SS: Light Show by Skywings808 SS: Light Show :iconskywings808:Skywings808 9 2 Zero FULLBODY Concept by Skywings808 Zero FULLBODY Concept :iconskywings808:Skywings808 7 3 Zero Revamp Concept by Skywings808 Zero Revamp Concept :iconskywings808:Skywings808 7 3 Comeback by Skywings808 Comeback :iconskywings808:Skywings808 5 4 The Time Has Come by Skywings808 The Time Has Come :iconskywings808:Skywings808 16 7 Sicky by Skywings808 Sicky :iconskywings808:Skywings808 6 1 When All Is Said And Done... by Skywings808 When All Is Said And Done... :iconskywings808:Skywings808 6 2 Snowfall by Skywings808 Snowfall :iconskywings808:Skywings808 7 2 Under the Mistletoe by Skywings808 Under the Mistletoe :iconskywings808:Skywings808 15 3 SwiftRaider Redesign! by Skywings808 SwiftRaider Redesign! :iconskywings808:Skywings808 16 0 Commish: Ayaka by Skywings808 Commish: Ayaka :iconskywings808:Skywings808 14 5
No Escape: A TFP OC Story ch.20
Overall rated T for violence, gore
This chapter rated T.
Summary: Zero crosses a familiar face and has one on one time with certain Autobots. Acceptance is key. Things are slowly starting to mend….slowly.
~Zero's POV~
At The Autobot base:
I tossed and turned in my berth, unable to sleep. The rest of the team closed up shop hours ago and I was escorted by Optimus back to the spare room which I guess I could now claim as mine. He told me that I was to start my training tomorrow but I'm not exactly sure who with since I'm sure no one was up to the task.
I got up and made my way to the door before I paused with a skeptical look on my face. I stared at the surely locked door before me. There's no way they left the door unlocked. Sure enough, it didn't budge when I pressed the command key to open it as the screen flashed red. With a sigh, I turned back but decided against laying back down. Instead, I transformed into my Predaco
:iconskywings808:Skywings808 2 1
Color Swap by Skywings808 Color Swap :iconskywings808:Skywings808 13 10
No Escape: A TFP OC Story ch. 19
Overall rated T for violence, gore
This chapter rated K.
Summary: Zero tries to defy his request to become an Autobot but quickly finds that he must work towards their acceptance of him, and fast.
~Zero's POV~
I'd say it's been a few days, maybe a week, I'm not sure. That's what happens what you're locked away in a room with nothing than a berth and an empty table, no windows or anything. I just sat there on the berth in the corner with my legs drawn up, staring in the direction of the steel door, waiting. I could so very easily break out, especially since my only restraints were a pair of stasis cuffs that hadn't even been activated. But...I didn't.
I want to become an Autobot.
That simple request echoed in my head. It was that simple request that made everyone distrust me even more. As soon as I had uttered those words, everyone stared at me with shock. Arcee glared at me and started shooting me down with reasons why I
:iconskywings808:Skywings808 2 3
Misinterpretations by Skywings808 Misinterpretations :iconskywings808:Skywings808 8 7 Minicon Twins Concept Sketches by Skywings808 Minicon Twins Concept Sketches :iconskywings808:Skywings808 4 5
If you like my work, please comment! I love to get feedback :)


Bumblebee: A Spoiler-Free Review
    There’s no doubt that many of you, when you saw that yet another Transformers film was coming out, ignored it. A few of you may have rolled your eyes. I don’t blame you- the last few Transformers movies have been mediocre at best. The infamous Michael Bay has been churning out these awful films since 2007. Prominent themes of these films feature: explosions, CGI characters that are only distinguishable by their paint jobs, cringy, inappropriate humor, and the over-sexualization of women.
    I have been a Transformers fan all of my life. I grew up watching the old 80’s Generation One cartoon on DVD. I am a huge fan of a more recent cartoon named Transformers Prime; I will unashamedly admit that I write fanfiction for it. But what makes me, and millions of others in this fandom, enjoy these cartoons so much? The answer is rather simple. I’ll give you a hint: it doesn’t involve explosions and computer-generated fig
:iconmegan1289:Megan1289 4 8
Transformers bumblebee by GoddessMechanic Transformers bumblebee :icongoddessmechanic:GoddessMechanic 623 56 Wake Turbulence by autobotchari Wake Turbulence :iconautobotchari:autobotchari 37 10 Abandoned: Prologue 4 by nightshade145 Abandoned: Prologue 4 :iconnightshade145:nightshade145 3 5 Abandoned: Prologue 2 by nightshade145 Abandoned: Prologue 2 :iconnightshade145:nightshade145 2 0
secret santa!! (sign-ups closed)
due to the response from the last journal, we're gonna host another secret santa this year! this is going to be our fourth year hosting it, and i'm super proud of that. thanks for all the support, guys! :D
for those who don't know, a secret santa event is essentially a bigger, surprise version of an art trade. a bunch of artists (or writers or other creators, we don't discriminate) make a piece of art/writing/etc for someone and receive a piece of art/writing/etc from a surprise someone. if you have any more questions about it, just leave a comment and i'll do my best to explain! ^^
in order to enter this Secret Santa, please follow these rules:
- read the entire journal! there's a lot of important stuff in here.
- be a member of Transformers-Geeks!
- share this journal!
- leave a comment on this journal, following the template below:
  - username:
  - shared:
  - wishlist:
(OCs, ships, or other characters you'd like to receive a gift about)
  - refs:
:icontransformers-geeks:Transformers-Geeks 19 33
Join the Waiting List for DeviantArt Eclipse

Thanks to the efforts of AriBanks and her supporters, you’ve gotten a glimpse of DeviantArt Eclipse. So now you probably want in? We’re stoked that you want access to the new redesign and to experience DeviantArt in dark or light.

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We’ll add you to our growing list of deviants interested in stepping into the new phase with Eclipse. Keep in mind Eclipse will be steadily rolled out to deviants in batches over the coming weeks and months, so don’t fret if you haven’t received a notification just yet!

:icondanlev:danlev 29,913 37,772
Abandoned: Prologue Cover by nightshade145 Abandoned: Prologue Cover :iconnightshade145:nightshade145 2 0 Thunderbolt as a Dragon!! by nightshade145 Thunderbolt as a Dragon!! :iconnightshade145:nightshade145 11 3 Claustrophobic by nightshade145 Claustrophobic :iconnightshade145:nightshade145 4 0 Epic Pose Base #1 by nightshade145 Epic Pose Base #1 :iconnightshade145:nightshade145 1 2 UNDERTALE: Soul Eaters concept art by nightshade145 UNDERTALE: Soul Eaters concept art :iconnightshade145:nightshade145 4 0 Abandoned Cover/Start by nightshade145 Abandoned Cover/Start :iconnightshade145:nightshade145 6 5
Uncommon pt.2 (TFP!Starscream x Female!Reader)
Ultra Magnus paced back in forth in the Autobot base, eager to hear from Agent Fowler. He had said that Starscream crashed near an aircraft hangar that belonged to a high ranking fighter-jet pilot. According to him, the officer was out on a mission, and his two children were at currently home: ages nineteen and seven.
A servo was suddenly felt on his shoulder, and the commander turned around to see Optimus standing behind him.
"Ultra Magnus. You are troubled," the Prime observed.
"I'm just...anxious, sir. If we can apprehend Starscream, the Decepticons will be dealt a heavy blow," Magnus explained calmly to his superior.
"Optimus," the Autobot medic, Ratchet, called to them. "Fowler has returned."
Fowler’s car drove into their base, and he slammed the door furiously as he exited the vehicle.
"Did you secure Starscream?" Ultra Magnus asked, getting straight to the point.
"Nope. Because that...that darn girl won't hand him over!" Fowler exclaimed in exasper
:iconnightshade145:nightshade145 9 8
Uncommon pt.1 (TFP!Starscream x Female!Reader)
(y/n) - your name
(b/n) - brother's name
(n/n) - nickname (like Roxy short for Roxanne or something like that)
(L/n) - last name

It started with one order: to supervise one of the biggest energon mines occupied by the Decepticons. The Autobots seemed to grow more bold with their newest addition, Ultra Magnus, and a souped-up Optimus Prime. Starscream had been inside the mine, supervising the transportation of their largest supply yet, when the Autobots attacked. Blaster shots could be heard from every direction as Starscream whipped around to face the entrance of the cave.
"Take down the sentries!" Ultra Magnus shouted. In response, Arcee drove in, transformed, and leaped up onto the upper levels and started to kill off the Vehicons stationed there.
"Attack! Attack you fools!" Starscream screeched at the Eradicons.
The Eradicons and Vehicons fired at the Autobots. Majority of every single shot missed. Per usual.
Useless, Starsc
:iconnightshade145:nightshade145 14 6
Mystery Skulls Meme (G1 Transformers version) by Garnet-Frost Mystery Skulls Meme (G1 Transformers version) :icongarnet-frost:Garnet-Frost 109 29


It's hard to put into words how awesome this piece is. Although I am not much of a Megatron fan, this pic is epic. I love the different...


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Agent SkyHigh
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

I am no longer the 16, no longer the 17, but the 18 YEAR OLD ADULT DWEEB I am who is a college student and a member of the workforce trying to make things work. I love Tokyo Ghoul (no, not re:), Angels of Death, Cells at Work, gonna try Attack on Titan and Goblin Slayer idk yet. Besides the anime, as you may have seen in my past artworks in my gallery, I like Transformers, although not as much as I once did, it still holds a special place in me. Iron Man and Batman are bomb, change my mind. I'm working more on developing character designs and I try to get better each day :)


I really like the name Sawyer for SwiftRaider as a human. What do you guys think???
If I made SwiftRaider and Diverse irl style, would they be better as humans or AI bots (same personalities and traits)?
Who would be interested in a revision of my TF OC story “No Escape” in comic form? I think that it’d be good for me to begin working on such a long term project to improve my skills. Would anyone care to see that?
Just got me a new MacBook Pro so if I can sync up my old Wacom, be expecting the lifeblood of art on this account to flow once more ^^
Sooo yeah, comment "hello!" if you're still an active watcher of mine or at least someone who wants to see more of my art :) Hope y'all having a good morning, afternoon, evening, or night (it's 9pm exact here atm)


Skywings808 has started a donation pool!
218 / 2,000
Donations are much appreciated and will help me afford premium membership....thank u!

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Just to further clarify, there is one exception when it come to my new rule for me to not longer satirize DeviantArt Users:

When it's a person that actually DOES deserve to be satirized. For example, these sociopaths known as Rodegas and RochambeauFR, both of whom call for violence against innocent people:
In retrospect, I realize that you are not deserving of being satirized, so that is why I apologize to you. And I mean that sincerely. I also sincerely apologize for not realizing that earlier last year. :(
Skywings808 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad that you took the time to think on it and apologize to me, which I accept. I don't believe anyone should be satirized as it doesn't really do much but feed the fire, and from the expierience, it kinda sucks to be the center of satire, but hey, that's just my opinion. Thank you for apologizing, really, I truly appreciate it.
ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Edited Oct 29, 2017
Thank you for your forgiveness, and in response to your very own thank you, you're very welcome.

Fair enough. Personally, at this point, I came to the conclusion that only bad people deserve to be satirized, such as Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Joseph Kony, etc., which is why I truly regret that I initially satirized an innocent person like you.

And the best part is, I deleted all of my past Boss Fight Ideas that featured DeviantArt users.

Also, the Gods that I believe in, the Ancient Gods of the Filipino Pantheon, scolded me for my misbehaviour, like parents would scold misbehaving children, because I made fun of you for a very petty reason. Which is yet another reason why I feel guilty for making fun of you for a very childish reason.
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