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The Sand Man

More concept work
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Interesting work. :)

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looks great! OAO
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I really don't know how you manage these latest illustrations of yours XD Really, it looked great even in the thumbnail in my watch. I love how this one fades away and the use of the golden lighthing.
You're too good, dammit, TOO GOOD
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Your designs always make me so happy. Man I love your art style and coloring so much! *Dies
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omg i love u skywheel
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everytome you put out a new piece of art I am always blown away
you really r amazing :)
sorry if i creeped u out with my comment
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No, thank you for the kind words! :D
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have you heard of the Mettawee River company?
they do an amazing puppet performances in some places
their puppets are AMAZING and all homemade
i would suggest looking at them
what are some of the artists who inspired u?
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Yes I have actually! It's very beautiful :)

Ah, so many artists! Moebius, Sergio Toppi, Arthur Rackham (and all those illustrators during that time really), Aron Wiesenfeld, amélie fléchais... so many great artists out there!
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there really are......

I see u like a lot of comic artists a lot (or graphic novelists) 
what time did the illustrators you talked about come from?

Have u ever seen the mettowee river company do one of their performances
I have multiple times and it is alway amazing 
in fact
i have worn some of their costumes before!! and let me tell u, give them another thumbs up for stamina because they get HOT
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Here's a link that has some of those illustrators bios. I'd say they were around late 19th early 20th century.

I've seen pictures but have never been to a puppet performance! I'd love to see one but don't live nearby any. Though I saw Cirque Du Soliel's free performance in Quebec City which was awe-inspiring !!
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The grittiness works great in this. What an awesome concept!
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Incredible. Worthy of a storybook.
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Just ... AWESOME !
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Haa, thanks! := )
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you're welcome :)
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