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It represents the fall of the first angel who rebelled to God. According to many cosmological interpretation this was the condition for the sublunar world(the one we live in,and here embodied by the monster on the top)to develop. The choice of an human-SPIDER hybrid wasn't casual...a hint:Ananke's web...
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does this represent satan?
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It's one of the rebellious angels of the apocryphal tradition, so..yes, I guess it can be linked to Satan somehow
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did u make it like thats the world just hanging by his thread?
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Not really. It represents the fall of rebellious angels, and, thus, the creation of the world as we know it. What we call sin and what we call fault are nothing more then the essential conditions for our existence, which is sinful and faulty, since we too, in reflection, are sinful and faulty. What's so wrong with it, I wonder? What are we striving for, if not for death, by aiming at perfection, and sticking to a religion or a moral code of conduct in order to achieve it? The spider-like creature at the top is the representation of the "sublunar world", that is, the Earth.
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wie geil ist das
This is so awesome. I love the spider creature.
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Thanx^^ I do love spiders in general, they're my favourite animals. Don't you think they're so enticingly cute?
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nope, your annatomy is Verry Fine.
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hehe my bad...anyway,to realize this illustration I've basically used inks,with a touch of charcoal for the shadows. It peeves me but one thing:that on the net my images don't look so sparkling with colours as when you have them right in front of you...
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OMG this is stunning and shocking

I love it !

Please explain its concept to me ! >.<

Really kl but i feel sorry for the angel

What did you use to make this ?

wow :faint:
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Right,so you want an explanation for this pic...hmmm well,basically it represents the fall of the first angel who rebelled to God.Shemyaza is the jewish name for Satan. The spider-like monster on the top,instead,embodies the so-called sublunar world,the one we live in;subjected to time and death. Hihi you're not the first to ask what I use to make these kind of pictures,but...I'm sorry to turn you down.I've never,ever used any illegal substance.Not even a teeny joint!!!Simply sometimes I go through bad psycological periods...
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Em thats all great but i wasnt talking about drugs ^^;

I simply meant what medium you used e.g : computer : pencil : paint ^_^

Though thats a good question , i dont think you need to be high , to do this work, i would be insulted if some-one asked me that ^^

I dont think you're a druggy, just talented ^_^
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