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Maya's Veil

An Indian's methaphisical concept well known(as though I'd haughily rather say MISUNDERSTOOD)also in the Western countries. Maya's Veil is the deceitful perception we have of the phisical world as composed of different beings indipendent from each others. The sleeping head at the bottom represents the mind enmeshed in Maya's net
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This is one of my favourites! Great work Ely ;)
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Grazie grazie cara...invece per me è uno dei disegni che mi dice di meno. Sarà perchè uno troppo femminile,e due,troppo tranquillo...preferisco di gran lunga "The source",mi rispecchia meglio,bhuahahahahah!
cantas78's avatar
so great worx- it looks sometimes a little bit of Sandro Boticelli style-is that right ?
koalacid's avatar
Phwoooaaaa....wonderful !
Limynna's avatar
OMG how amazing.. how do you draw that neat!?? :wow:
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Thanx! I guess it's because I love the carving course at my Art Academy,and spending more then three quarters of my time in that classroom a day has made my drawing definite and almost maniacally precise.(lol) Still much work to do,though.
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Aha cool, it sounds really fun.. I'm lloking for some good art tools, colour-pencils and stuff.... but I can't seem to find anything, maybe you had some tips!??
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Preferably I use inks and charcoal for my coloured pictures. But It takes at least a fortnight to complete one of them,and if you're not costant in your work...otherwhise watercolours and coloured pencils work fine as well. And you don't need to break your spine over a damned sheet of paper for more then,let's say,two or three days. Good luck!
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lol thanx a bunch :hug:
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You're wecome. C you around!
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