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Kali's sherperdess

Kali's the indu Goddes of chaos and destruction characterizing the last of the four cycles of manifestation:that is the one we live in.
Kali's usually represented while dancing on the corpse of her husband Shiva,God of death.
So,THERE MUST be some kind of disruption in the feminine,which overcomes even the power of death(after all everythig dies is subject to return to the world,in a way or another.If not as food for worms and the earth)
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wow amazing ......
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I'm sure your grandma will be happy for this work, will she?
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Hm,a dire il vero è un pochino attonita. Aveva preso la testa imapalata dell'antilope per una pecorella...secondo me è ora che si faccia controllare la vista.MAH
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Amazing work, and.. as always, I really love your way of detailing and it's awsome that you write some facts about the drawings character... keep up the great work!! :heart: :+fav:
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Thank you,it's always a great pleasure to see how people can be struck by your artwork.You see,this is the most important thing to me...conveying a message,not only verbal(through a comment) but also,and mostly visual. Drawing emotions in people,this is my personal aim. Probably it's just because I'm still young and idealistic(lol)
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Yep, I know.. I'm still young too, and I hope my drawingblock is fully off now..... cuz I have lots of ideas to show ppl, so... good luck and keep up the good work!!
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Sort of.Actually I made a collage between african art and indian culture;you see,Kali's the black goddes of destruction and chaos,foreboding the end of the world as we know it(hahaha!.) I didn't take inspiration from any image I saw,like all my works,anyway.It just flashed through my mind like,you know,a sudden revelation. But now that I come thinking about it,probably it was probably my granma's request for a more "bucolic"subject to hung at the wall of the kitchen to move me to make this picture. Hmmmm I don't really think THIS has fulfilled her expectations,though:p

I'll answer your note asap. Don't worry I've understood all of it(I've been reading loads of English books for years,so it's not a problem.It's my written and most of all SPOKEN english to be terribly rusty. Please,be kind and tell me the mistakes I do...).And clearly you're not the only one who can gab around here. C you
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its so soft! your texture work is amazing.


i love their expression ^^
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