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Born and still living, that's pretty much of an accomplishment, haha! Expecially since my life's spent going back and forth opposite and extreme frames of mind, thing that can be quite frazzling sometimes. But I kinda like it, truly. It's like having a plow digging in your imagery as if it were a field and bringing up images: I could not do without it, I'm addicted
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Favourite Visual Artist
Dalì,Ernst,Bosch,Delville,Von Stuck,Kubin,Crivelli,Botticelli,David Firth,Beardsley..
Favourite Movies
The fight club,The butterfly effect,The cube,White oleander, Eyes wide shut, Requiem for a dream, Antichrist, A beautiful mind..
Favourite TV Shows
The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy, Adventure time, Pucca
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Rolling Stones,Cocorosie, Skrillex, Rammstein, Tom Waits, Janis Joplin, Massive Attack and many many others...
Favourite Books
The process, Lolita, Dante's Inferno and Paradise, Rilke's poetry,Justine or the misfortune of virtue and many others
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Thumb Wrestle!
Tools of the Trade
Allucinations caused by insomnia and overwork
Other Interests
Mithology,mysticisms,esotherisms,religions,philology,ancient cultures and civilizations, psycosis and unbidden impulses
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It just occurred to me I've not been writing a new Journal entry for donkey's years. Not that this is going to make any difference at all, I suppose, in matter of granting me more visibility around DA (yes, I admit it: I'm rotting here as on many other web-pages for the apparently endless and surely endlessly frustrating aim of promoting my sick person. BUT, in retrospective:what's the fucking point of all this ridiculous charade I've put up? It only comforts me to acknowledge that:we all do that. In a way or another; and that's what we're being taught ever since a very young age: to sport ourself as if we were a product, that is for what we
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People, I've got my personal page on FB. Please check it out and help me sponsorize my work! Btw, it doesn't make any sense at all and has nothing to do with the rest, but...I regret so much mot to have made a move on my already engaged friend yesterday evening. We spent half of the night drinking wine and chatting. I feel fine with him, I'm goddamn attracted by him. We've got a sort of strange relationship, which u can't properly call "friendship" since it all started with sex, basically (yes he cheated on his girlfriend, and I am an ugly person to have humoured him).. but fact is: feelings
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Whoa, your style is so incredible I'm totally overwhelmed. :wow: What a gallery!

Forgive me, forgive me for not holstering my look of disinterested fog upon my first sight of you, I might find myself emptied of a suitable return for you again, you are the revolving hatbox of masks I am helpless to survey the itinerary of

You bubbled and hopped that moment I first viewed you, I must have only wanted to escape you were such a cute ferocity, I thought nothing of you for days there on except, “how strange, how strange,” and then I encountered you secondly, and the vision that had cemented in my eyes then melted….

Your eyes were leaning south and voided, I think you held you hands clasped in front of your heart and might I have caught your total expression slanted airward like a wounded lone seeker, the all of me buckled and ruptured and I owed you the world

What an idiot I was that your very first gale-flooding grin did not conquer me

let there be many Cakes of Warmth and Closeness for You this day

This is so disturbingly cute and puzzling..thank you! Did you make it up yourself or, if not, where did you come up with this totally unexpected dedication, if I may ask?
Yes, I concentrate on love, Love, then i latch onto any thing my imagination conjures and I go--:heart:

You're one of the greats, you needed it:)
This sort of  baffles AND tickles me pink likewise. Thank you again and, gosh, consider collecting those poetries in an anthology!
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