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The Super Sentinel:

Alexander Cross the billionaire CEO of Cross industries in Los Angeles California, was working on his latest Military weapons program for the U.S. Government. The Sentinel Project, was a project that would revolutionize warfare. The first part of that project was to create the Sentinel Automatons, robotic warriors that would act as the soldiers of the military system. During the initial trial run of the Automaton's capabilities, Cross Towers came under attack.

The lights and power shut off, and Oni warriors under the command of Akuma, the Dark Shogun, preceded to steal the Automaton technology and planted a series of explosives which devastated Cross industries head quarters. Akuma wanted the Automatons to create his own sick and twisted army of cyborg Oni warriors, and cyber Ninjas..with his ultimate goal of world conquest, and opening the Hell-Hasa Gates, a portal into a demon dimension.. In the wake of the attack, Alexander Cross escaped, and decided to work in secret, on the next phase of his project, the sentinel Armor..

This time Cross would use his technology to avenge his employees deaths, and stop the evil Akuma and the villainous organization known as the Demonicas Tyrannis. Cross learned that the attack on his head quarters was covered up by corruption in the Los Angeles legal system and that certain state and local government officials were also members of the Demonicas Tyrannis Cult. Training himself in armed and close quarters combat for the next 5 years, Cross was determined to enact revenge..politically and with brute force..

The Sentinel Armor was a powerful suit which allows it's wearer to fly, Super Speed, and has super strength, with almost limitless potential. The Sentinel Armor can produce energy shielding and a plasma sword. The helmet emits a Anti Mind Control field, and allows him communication via satellites. The Eye lenses on the helmet allow him to see in various light spectrums to aide him in his battles..

The third phase of the Sentinel Project is the super computer and satellite web defense system called A.R.M.S. (Automated, Rearming, military, system). A.R.M.S. when called upon by the super Sentinel can teleport via a satellite network, weaponry to any point on the planet in which the Super Sentinel needs for that situation. calling out weaponry also means that he must wait until the power systems recharge before he can request more weaponry. unfortunately the Teleportation system only works with nonliving objects. If a human tried to teleport himself with the A.R.M.S. System they would surely die.

Alexander Cross has no super powers, but when he dons his sentinel Armor, he becomes the Super Sentinel, Paragon of Justice!!! During his battles with Akuma, and other various villains that plague California and New Mexico, the Super Sentinel has enlisted other heroes into the super team known as the Supreme Enforcers. Their Brand of Justice and methods are in contrast to that of the Guardian Legion, and at times their members have been known to battle the Guardian Legion. The Super Sentinel is the leader of the Supreme Enforcers, and as Alexander Cross, has donated a secret High tech head quarters to the S.E. and their fight against evil.
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