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Star Superion-Patriot Costume

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Star Superion Sports several different outfits while fighting crime and leading the Guardian Legion.. on occasion he will don the 1940's Costume that he wore when trapped in the Past.. for a full recounting of those events just read below..

I added his helmet in this one, to show that even in the future his helmet can make him look more imposing to a criminal and when fighting the Komissar, this outfit seems appropriate..

Like Many super heroes and title super heroes of the comics industry, it pays to have a variation of the design sometimes.. of course the classic Star Superion design is the Blue body, Red cape, white Boots, and gloves.. But there is also the White Ringed version and the reverse colored version.. basically Star Superion has a selection of outfits in which he can wear while fighting.. and I love them all.. this version is his 1940's outfit, in which he had commissioned after his return to our time this version the blues are darker then the original Super Soldiers of Victory card that I did awhile back..I must say that it turned out quite nicely :D

for the back story and connection to other images of Star Superion, See below:

Star Superion:

The Star Superion: The Living Star! Guardian of Freedom!

Adam Powers' First day on the job as a Night security guard for Monument labs was uneventful, until he was called to aide Doctor Argoss, Secretly a Varnon Alien scientist called Teh Zeeb. Using the source Orb, a powerful device that harbors energies from the source well, the central cosmic radiation that keeps the galaxy together.

Doctor Argoss sought to use the Source Orb's Power coupled with Genetic enhancement research from his colleague Doctor Zog, to create the Ultimate Super Human soldier. While trying to break up a fight between Doctor Zog and Doctor Argoss, Adam powers fell into the Hyper Chamber, and was injected with a Genetic Serum and irradiated with the source Orb.

The resulting Energies released proved too powerful for the Hyper Chamber's systems, and released a shockblast that destroyed the lab, and drove Doctor Zog insane. Doctor Argoss escaped the destruction, and aided Adam by taking him to a special lab on the out skirts of the New York countryside. Adam Powers Awoke to discover that he had gained fantastic powers, over time he could fly, and would become more powerful then he could ever imagine. With Doctor Argoss' Guidance, He eventually became the Super Hero known as the Star Superion.

Powers and Abilities:
Here is a link to Star Superion Charging up!!

Powers and Abilities:

Star Superion's Cells act as living energy batteries, absorbing any energy and giving him superhuman powers. Plasma, gamma, radiation, solar, hydrogen, and any other type of energy is absorbed by his cellular structure. He literally lives off energy and doesn't need to breathe or eat to sustain his life force. His cells act like a sponge drawing and converting energy and fuel from the atmosphere around him, including solar light.

He possesses tremendous strength; while Star Superion's Strength is not infinite, its full extent is so great that it has never been accurately measured. His body is virtually indestructible. Star Superion can move, react, and think at superhuman speeds greater than sound. He can defy Gravity and fly from his force energy. Star Superion's Genetically Irradiated cells can generate a force field that extends for a fraction of an inch around his body, rendering any material within the field nearly indestructible, such as his skin tight costume. (because his cape extends beyond the field, it is easily damaged.). Star Superion's body emits light and little stars of pulsating energy when he's charged up in a fight. You can always tell when he's angry by how much of a glow exudes around his body, which he must constantly control when in his secret identity of Adam powers Television Reporter Camera Man, for New York 1 Action news.

As the cells in Star Superion's Body act like a battery storing endless amounts of solar energy, Star Superion's flight, strength and most of his other awesome abilities are determined by this fact. But during a fight, the energy starts to amass in high light burst, the more Star Superion exerts himself, the more light and energy he burns from his cells..eventually his body becomes a being of pure light and energy, with a corporeal he can still touch things and fight, but the heat would melt almost anything it touches if he so chooses..

Here is a link to Star Superion's Powered Form:

For this main reason, Star Superion has to rely on his whits and keep his cool, for if he looses it, his body will become hotter then that of a Sun, and the amount of pure and raw power he could unleash would devastate the world.

Alternate Adventure:
Here is a link to an image for this story:

When the Genetics Lab division of Monument Labs went up in the explosion that created Earth's Mightiest Hero, the Star Superion, Adam Powers was knocked into a Parallel dimension with a rip in the fabric of time and reality..

Finding himself in an Alternate universe but unaware that he was not on his own earth, Adam Powers discovered a wealth of super heroes known as the JLA, and making his way to Metropolis to find Superman, Adam decided that he too would take up the Mantle of Hero to protect people from villainy and danger. donning a makeshift costume Star Superion was Born, just as Adam learned of an Alien threat coming to Metropolis and that Superman was too an alien, Adam decided it was up to him to battle these invaders and save the planet.

His first battle was with Superman and to the Man of Steele's Dismay he realized that Star Superion had all of his powers and strengths but none of his weaknesses, they fought to stalemate just as Darkseid and Brainiac appeared, yet convincing Star Superion he was on his side and was a defender of Humanity and his adopted home of Earth, Star Superion learned tolerance and acceptance of Superman's Kryptonian heritage and decided to help defeat the invaders and sent Darkseid and Brainiac Running..

Star Superion and Superman made their way back to the epicenter of the Blast that was the portal back to the Earthen reality that Star Superion hailed from. moving quickly Star Superion made it just as the Rip closed and he was forever locked in his own reality..

Star Superion 1940's Patriot:
Here is the link to that costume:

It all started in the 34th century, with a criminal genius by the name of Cyrus Maximillion. Cyrus was unable to conduct criminal activities in the future due to the nature of super powered enforcers who protect the innocents of that time, not to mention there was no need to steal or crave power, almost anything desired was possible. Cyrus created a suit of unimaginable power which could allow him to traverse the barriers of Time and space. The suit was actually designed around the technology developed by Alexander Cross in the 21st century, also known as the Super Sentinel.

Cyrus wanted glory and Power, he became insatiable and tried to conquered different time lines on Earth as the Maximum Overlord, but was defeated by the Guardian legion. As the Maximum Overlord, Cyrus attacked the Present day era and fought one on one with Earth's greatest champion, the Star Superion. During the Battle Cyrus escaped to the time-stream, and in the wake of the time flash, Star Superion was caught in the time-stream, and ended up in the Earth's past, 1939 to be exact.

Awaking in the past, with amnesia, Star Superion discovered his powers all over again, and with the help of his great Grandfather Anthony Powers, the first Major Valor, he had many adventures defeating the evil forces of the Axis powers. During a fight, with the Silver-Wolf, a Nazi Mutant Super villain, Star Superion was struck with a powerful force weapon, reviving his memories of the Future. He then realized that the Bomb in Hiroshima would, for an instant, open a pathway to the time-Stream and allow him to continue his fight against the Maximum Overlord.

Finding himself in ancient Egypt, the Star Superion fought the Maximum Overlord, now calling himself Ra, and defeated him. Star Superion using the time device of the Maximum Overlord, took him to the future and turned him over to the authorities. Once incarcerated, Star Superion then returned to his own time, and rejoined his fellow Guardians to fight evil and injustice.

Occasionally Star Superion will don his Patriotic Uniform, in remembrance of his time spent in the past.

Solaris Imperious:
Here is a link to Star Superion as Solaris Imperious!!

What Happens when an ancient God Possesses the body of the Most powerful Super hero in the world??


Inti was considered the Sun god and the ancestor of the Incas. Inca people lived in South America in ancient Peru. In the remains of the city of Machu Picchu, it is possible to see a shadow clock which describes the course of the Sun personified by Inti.

Inti and his wife Pachamama, the Earth goddess, were regarded as benevolent deities. According to an ancient Inca myth, Inti taught his son Manco Capac and his daughter Mama Ocollo the arts of civilization and sent them to the Earth to instruct mankind about what they had learned.

Inti ordered his children to build the Inca capital where the tupayauri fell to the ground. The tupayauri was a divine golden wedge. Manco probed the ground with the wedge, and at one point threw it into the ground. The tupayauri sank in the ground, and the quest for a site was over. Incas believed this happened in the city of Cuzco.

Thousands of years have passed since the days of the inca. Inti the Sun God was a benevolent being, until the day of the God Wars. It was during this time, when all the worlds Gods and Goddesses met in the astral realm to decide the rule of Earth. Ever since the Great ascension, when the Titans were over thrown from power, the Gods have split the earth into territories for control.

It was the heathen God Loki, who suggested a tournament, to determine the rightful ruler of all the known universe, and that of Earth. Unfortunately Inti, the Inca Sun God, was trapped in the Sun by his half Brother Apollo..there Inti stayed bodiless and remorse..

Thousands of Years passed, and Inti had grown bitter, and enraged with humanity, and the rest of the Gods.. his brotheren were still in the Astral Realm, fighting with champions to see who will be ruler..

It was during a momentous battle with Star Superion and The Ultra Intelligence, in space, that led to a dark path of worldly peril. After the defeat of the Ultra Intelligence, and General Void's onslaught of power.. Star Superion reigned victorious..however their battle had waged for so long, that Star Superion didn't notice he was getting too close to the Sun. The Spirit of Inti, sensed the immense power within the Star Superion, and knew that his body was the only thing powerful enough to contain his essence..

seizing the opportunity, Inti, possessed the body of Star Superion..and made his way back to the Earth, leaving the floating bodies of the Ultra Intelligence an General Void in space..

On earth, the God like raw powers of Inti over whelmed Star Superion. Calling himself, Solar Imperious, he then set out, recruiting and forcing villains and super heroes to join his reign of power. When Inti's mind and Star Superion's combined, they centered on 2 specific goals.. Star Superions was to protect and halt crime from the earth..Inti's was to have humanity worship and learn from him..put these two ideas together, and that made for one heck of a mission..

Solaris Imperious tried to force himself as the rightful ruler of the entire world, and because of this threat, villains and heroes alike joined forces, to rid Star Superion of the possession from the ancient God. The Capital Comics Universe was torn asunder by this powerful deity..In the end the heroes of Earth prevailed and Star Superion returned to his normal self..
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