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Darklight: Abaddon Preview

By skywarp-2
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The Darklight:

The Year is 2150, 138 years ago (2012) scientists succeeded in a quantum experiment, they found a spectrum of energy and light.. it was dark, and very powerful so much so that it could bend the fabric of reality.. they called it "Darklight"

they sought to use it's strange properties for warp space travels.. but what they did not know, what no one could have known was that in unleashing the Darklight, they stripped the walls of reality from the Earth.. that oh so precious barrier that separated the seraphic worlds from the human world..

I was once an Angel, corrupted by the first angel, we followed him into battle against our kinsmen..cast into Tartarus, forever doomed to remain there in that fiery realm .. with the absence of the light..the absence of the word..

Our bodies began to malform..No longer considered angels, they call us demons..

I was once the Great prince of the Demons, Power abound from the depths of the realm of fire.. I learned new skills, and forged new alliances with dark forces, those who existed at the dawn of the universe, the titans.. the Gods.. all were under the watchful eye of Lucifer..

But then the Darklight hit, and our realms collided with that of Man..for a split second, and some of us were trapped in the human realm.. a war has begun, and from the darklight, Humanity has now found the truth.. all they feared is real!

some of my kinsman of the light found me.. we fought, I was then I was bound by ancient seraph magics..tattoos that bound to the soul of a pure human..he and I are now one.. my skin has become white like the clouds.. my eyes are blue like the water.. and yet I am half human, half the demon I once was.. no longer of red, black, and fire am I.

I am more then an angel, more then a demon, for I posses an immortal soul.. and I am able to live and walk in the earth light..

Angels, and Demons are not. Much like their counterparts, the vampires, they must remain hidden and out of the light.

The Vatican has forged itself into a mighty Army, The Holy Knights of Order, they are human soldiers, power armor, big guns, energy weapons, technology beyond their understanding..

the world has become a torn place.. pockets of free human resistance remain.. the jihad Emirates are all that exist in the holy land. the US has become a city state controlled by the Stars of Order and Light or commonly referred to as S.O.L., they are producing a race of genetically engineered super soldiers who can fight on the scale of the demons..

Demons control 40% of the world.. humans 50%, the 10% no accounted for are devastated by the Darklight experiments..

the Angels stranded here on Earth vie for favor with the various orders, seeking asylum in trade for their Godly do the same of some demons.. a new power struggle wages itself on the earth.. a new cold war..

this is not judgment is a mistaken war, a mishap..The Darklight technology was lost in the transference.. but where did it go? I must find that technology before those who would seek to wage their war in heaven's door steps would gain that power ..

I am stuck in the middle, with a soul.. I walk as human, until I need to become my true self..I am on a perpetual crusade, one which was forced on me by those dying angels who created me..

for I was once Abaddon, the prince of Demons!

I am Now Abaddon, the Defender of Humanity!
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I have one word one this.....incredible......
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jmqrzHobbyist Traditional Artist
this design rocks!
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Kenjisan-23Hobbyist Digital Artist
looks very great :)
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Very nice turn out ;) nice aspects.
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why thank you my friend!
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you are welcome
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ogrebearHobbyist General Artist
Great design!
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wow! thanks!
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Wow, Simply awesome dude! That armor is badass with it's intricate detail, I also like the stones inlaid within it they let you know this dude is important. :D
skywarp-2's avatar
man, you ain't seen nothing yet! the angels are not what people will be expecting..
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Can't wait for more, this is my favourite character from you :D

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dude.. the demons will rock that is for sure, but the angels.. dark and not dark.. they will not be what anyone was expecting..
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Anti-hero angels?!?

Dude. You are a LEGEND!!!
I'm gonna glue my eyes to the screen... literally :D
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RANKLOAFStudent General Artist
This sounds quite original and is also fantastically written. Keep up the great work!
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thanks! I will say, that the angels and the demons will not be what people were thinking they would be.. also the technology stuff will be off the chain here.. not like the classic comics universe art I will be more detailed and modern looking..
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RANKLOAFStudent General Artist
I look foreward to seeing what you come up with!
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Cool, reminds me of characters like Dante and Alucard.
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yeah, there are some influences of them in there..
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Chizel-ManHobbyist Digital Artist
Is there anything you can't draw man? This is very cool
skywarp-2's avatar
Thanks my friend, I will be dong a full template designf or him, and I will also be doing his human form..
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Chizel-ManHobbyist Digital Artist
Looking forward to that Adam:D
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sweet! I am working on them now..
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Chizel-ManHobbyist Digital Artist
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