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Darklight-Abaddon Demon Mode



Edit: I modified the back ground.. I was dissatisfied with the prior look..
When the science experiment called Darklight broke the barriers between the Realm of Angels and Demons, a few Angels used their last dying magic to merge the Prince of Demons, Abaddon, with a Human by the name of Alexander Stone. This gave Alexander the ability to exist in the sunlight, and bring the earth back from the brink of devastation. Imbued with Tattoos of Seraphic Magics, Abaddon is a soldier of Holy might, but has the reign of freedom and a soul..

the Armor Worn by Abaddon is Magical and appears on him when he change from his human form to his demonic form. This Alexander can do at will, and he posses super strength, speed, hearing, demonic vision, superior leaping and razor sharp claws..

Sinder-The Hellfire Blade.. Abaddon sports one of the most powerful weapons on Earth, Sinder. this blade can render a foe into pure dust. It's Hell-fires could kill angels and demons, as well as level entire buildings.. Only Abaddon doesn't quite know how to use it's powers.. but as time goes by he learns more about his sword..the blade looks like a normal sword in human mode.. but when Alexander changes to his Demonic Persona of Abaddon, the blade comes to life and separates into the flames..

The Darklight:

The Year is 2150, 138 years ago (2012) scientists succeeded in a quantum experiment, they found a spectrum of energy and light.. it was dark, and very powerful so much so that it could bend the fabric of reality.. they called it "Darklight"

they sought to use it's strange properties for warp space travels.. but what they did not know, what no one could have known was that in unleashing the Darklight, they stripped the walls of reality from the Earth.. that oh so precious barrier that separated the seraphic worlds from the human world..

Demons control 40% of the world.. humans 50%, the 10% no accounted for are devastated by the Darklight experiments..

the Angels stranded here on Earth vie for favor with the various orders, seeking asylum in trade for their Godly do the same of some demons.. a new power struggle wages itself on the earth.. a new cold war..
Angels and Demons can not exist in sunlight, or they would die like vampires..
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also like the gargoyle