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The chosen one by Rey-HANA
A Hero Must Stand - Legend Of Zelda Poster by ArtBasement
Skyward Sword Zelda by OtherVio
Skyward Pirates- Confronting the Phantom Captain by MissPeridot
Keep your hands off the Triforce by DasGnomo
Link and Kikwi together REMAKE by RizeDreamArt
Kimetsu No Yaiba - Link doodle by DasGnomo
BOTW - Wallpaper by ArtBasement
Skyloft Fi with her cape by NeonSoul-Art
Skyloft Fi by NeonSoul-Art
The Only Valid Daughter O' Mine by GoldieClaws
Minimalist Fi by Weeping-Weeb
Zelda Hylia
Gift: Hylia and Eldin by sira-the-hedgehog
Gift: Eldin x Hylia by sira-the-hedgehog
Kimetsu No Yaiba - Zelda doodle by DasGnomo
Goddess Zelda by Joulienne
''This... This is preposterous.'' by GoldieClaws
Hey, you! by GoldieClaws
Patreon Tiers by GoldieClaws
Ghirahim (tLoZ: Skyward Sword) by HylianHaru
Punching Bag Secret by Lethalityrush
Groose by Skellagirl
Groose Plushie by frillycarnival
Comics or Funny
Link x ghirahim out clothes by oMariLinko
Kids by GoldieClaws
Zelda role play strip 1 by Dormin-DIM
Concerning jumps by Mahogany-Fay
Groups and Couples
Feliz dia de muertos 2019 by oMariLinko
SUCH BEAUTY by FruityTootyBat
1 Vs... 2? by GoldieClaws
Redraw: Game Over Sky Child by xBooxBooxBear
Link +Legend of Zelda+ by Arctic--Revolution
Link ~Legend of Zelda~ by Arctic--Revolution
Link ~Exhausted~ by Arctic--Revolution
Zelda- The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword by AryaStark88
Stamps Wallpapers
Hylian Shield Wallpaper by shad0w8
Is this the real life by MyCalamityReminisce
Ghirahim's Drama... STAMP by TheGreenDragonGirl
''Fabulous'' Ghirahim Stamp by TheGreenDragonGirl
Kimetsu No Yaiba - Ganondorf doodle by DasGnomo

Zelda: Skyward Sword Game Gifs!


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

This game is an action-adventure game developed and published by Nintendo Wii. It was released worldwide in November 2011. Players navigate the floating island of Skyloft and the land below it, completing quests that advance the story and solving environmental and dungeon-based puzzles. Gameplay mechanics and combat, the latter focusing on attacking and blocking with sword and shield, are reliant on the Wii MotionPlus peripheral. Development lasted around five years, beginning after the release of Twilight Princess in 2006. Link is controlled using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and the Wii MotionPlus peripheral is required to play, these include camera control with the Nunchuk and general hotkey actions and movement linked to the Wii Remote like moving around and using the sheild with the nunchuck and slashing stuff and swinging with the wii remote. Please note: this is a Zelda: Skyward Sword Fan Club, please only submit the related artwork to the specified folders, thank you!

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We affiliate with anyone and anything as long as it's not based on any mature themes!


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Would any artists like to partner up and make a comic series about SS?
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Hello. I'm sharing with all the LOZ fans my last vídeo: "Lost Woods Routine".
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Can I join as a Co-Founders?
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question: I have a multi-part literature writing all about Fi. The problem is it is about Fi's existence in OTHER Zelda games... so can I post it here?
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Of course!
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