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Homeworld Logos

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:bulletblue: Logos of factions from Homeworld series
:bulletblue: From left: Hiigaran, Kushan (hiigarans on Exile), Taiidan Empire, Turanic Raiders (pirates), Vaygr

:bulletblue: When downloaded: 3000x1346px 53KB gif file.
:bulletblue: Created mostly for fans to have some reference and logos for use in their own fanarts, and yes: I know that it's nothing great, but try to find these logos in google images and you will get known how precious this one is.
:bulletblue: If you'll use it to any published work - please, credit me, or at least: add this page to favorites :+fav:.
:bulletblue: FAQ:
- Why there are no Somtaaw? - Somtaaw from Cataclysm game was only Kiith, part of Hiigarans, not stand-alone faction.
- Why there is no Beast/Kadeshi/other? - Cause none of them had canon insygnia.

:bulletblue: This logos created by me were used on Encyclopedia Hiigara ([link])
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Hm. Always preferred the Kushani/Hiigaran emblem without feathers. Maybe because it fits with the rest of the Kiithid signs better, I'm not really sure. In any case, any little sigils to come out of Homeworld are by definition the most wonderful things in the world. :D