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Including some more Scrappy & Danny film series posters.
Along with some other art in black sharpie.
Okay since Chuck has pretty much been MIA in the majority of the Archie books outside of reprints. I decided why not try some horror stuff with him. If I can stay the course of doing a cover for every day in October-I should have him meet everyone from Jigsaw to Pinhead to the Daleks.
Working on a parody of Doctor Who with some interesting choices. Rough sketches are done but won't post until later on. I'll debate on coloring them.
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A few more movie/tv parodies are coming. The sketches are done but I need to finish them.
I do have 2 more Scrappy & Danny posters.
Others in the works-
Evil Dead
Harry Met Sally
Bad Boys (Sean Penn version)
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New stuff is coming-trying to move on from a certain verdict in Florida and learning about the death of a former student over something silly.

A few clues of what's coming.

Another version of the Hot Girl Theory.
Another take on the Big Bang Theory (maybe 2)
Batman & The Outsiders parody
Mindy Project, Hart of Dixie & Lets Stay Together get one as well.
And maybe some more stuff my book project.
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New stuff is coming. The freedom to add more stuff will be after Father's Day.
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New stuff is coming-including a new Tiny Toons parody-here's a hint-think Dean Cain series.
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Yes I do have an idea for Tiny Toons meeting Star Trek (both versions) and Enterprise. I have cast 2 of the 3. I am working on 2 comic for either Indyplanet or Smashwords. One is complete-I just need to re sketch it.

I am also working on something for Static (Shock)'s 20th anniversary next month.
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New art is coming-

2 new Tiny Toon/Toon Star Trek crossovers. Rough drafts are done.

Also previews of my first attempt at a comic book (well digest) might come up. Still trying to add some more gags.
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New stuff is coming. Just got sidetracked.

Including some more Tiny Toon crossovers. And for a hint....
One is a show that featured a current member of CSI.
Another was inspired by a current CW hit show.
One is a current show in its final season and its series finale is next month.
The last one-only a true child of the 80s would know it.
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One final Tiny Toon crossover is coming. I have 2 ideas-just not sure if both would work.

After that the CROSSOVER is coming-Tiny Toon-Get Along Gang-Chipmunks and MAYBE my stuff (depending on the subject)

And be on the look out for an Outcast Christmas with special guest.
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2 new Toon/real tv shows is coming. I have 3 ideas but only 2 will make it.

My Online antics comic will make it's appearance soon. Just a test project nothing more. Still working on scripting.
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The Get Along Gang high school years is still on. I just ran into a few issue with them.

However I do have 2 Tiny Toon sketches coming-both are somewhat in the vein of the Adams family toon sketch.

There will be more of the Toxic duo of Stephanie Brown & Virgil Hawkins in the future.

ANd I still have a huge Thanksgiving picture to do..
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New stuff will be posted Tuesday. I plan on putting some items in color that are in B&W right now. Plus showoff the Get Along Gang-Prom Night (no not that Jaime Lee Curtis film) and maybe the cartoon girls of the 80s.
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Looking at the number of hits the Tiny Toons Adams Family got-I'm doing another one with a take on a current television icon. Look for it Friday or the weekend.
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Confession of a Dog is now in the scripting layout phase. My other one about posting stuff online is finally drawn and the script is in draft one.

I still want to do a book of my drawings but that has to wait as I need to get a huge drawing created before October for Halloween.
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I'm trying to come up with ideas for a comic-or what I could pass off as one with my limited budget. So in the next few weeks I'm going to do some pilot sketches for possible series ideas.

I have one 50% done-called "Confessions of A Dog" (Working title)

Other ideas include- Life With Alvin, Nerdz, The Estate and "Stop with the Bathroom Pics"
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I managed to get The Results story transferred to jpg. I'm debating posting it on here. I've decided to include it in a new project-"Use Your Head". The title will make more sense when I get the other 2 stories written up.
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Finally complete my first real attempt at a comic called The Result. As a boy goes to the doctor to learn his fate, he reflects on the event that caused the trip in the first place.

Now I just have to figure out how to covert word to JPG.
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Working on ten minute sketches of the Teen Titans roster.

Kid Flash
Wonder Girl
Ms. Martin
Rose Wilson

(So far done)

I should have it up in an hour.
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