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Sunset Shimmering

Been a while since I've drawn my fav pony girl, Sunset Shimmer ♡ Also can't wait for the Forgotton Friendship EQG episode!

Full size version available for my patreons:
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pony sunset look great in vest if sci twi can keep glasses in spring break down shame sunset couldn't keep vest and look like this in ponyvile

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I know there's no point, but where's her skirt?
  Wow, really nice work! Even as an quadruped Equestrian Unicorn, she’s still one of the most beautiful girls on the show. And you really captured her beauty well which really shines through. What is it about these characters that makes them look so attractive on paper, even to the mature audience? 
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Where's her Harley?
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I really love this piece, and wondered if you are going to have this as a print at Bronycon?
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Your pony style is so much better then the ones in the show.
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Awesome job! I love your work! :D
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Oooomg! <3 Just the way you draw her character specifically always captures her essence. I love the way you draw muzzles, too! Eek! ^_^ Fav girl, best pone. Brilliant work Denny ^_^
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Lovely work! I love the way you do manes and tails!
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A damn fine drawing of a damn fine character.
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love it! Especially the nice background
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Cute! I love bacon hair!
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Cute. Perfect pony+EG fusion.
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Wonderful work. Look so good with her signature vest.
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