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As soon as I heard there was an anime about sk8er boys I just HAD to watch it, and I absolutely love it, especially this precious boy right here, Reki.

I hardcore relate to his part of the story with the whole feeling left behind or not good enough while others surpass you and become better and more popular than you. That hit home. 🙃

Also I might upload more sketchy drawings like this from my ipad. Its been helping me deal with my art block and helped me not worry too much about perfections, but to just to have fun with it. Aayyy kinda like how Sk8 the Infinity goes. Except art.

Anyway can't wait for next episode, im not ready for this show to finish already 😭
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:clap: :heart:

Don't think I've seen you draw boys before, but once again outstanding work!

Even if I do miss your ponies, I have to admit that your humans are much more interesting and expressive.

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I quite like this anime. But ADAM is a but much :P

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i totally agree :XD:

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Nicely done. Your post prompted me to watch it. Langa's English VA gives me Ice Bear vibes, but since I'm not signed up to Premium, I have to continue watching it in subs.

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