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Nightmare Moon

Drawing up a few new prints to sell at Galacon end of this month, starting with Nightmare Moon. I will be drawing an alternative version of this print of Celestia's version too, Daybreaker. I'll start on that tomorrow.
I haven't really drawn a proper picture of Nightmare Moon yet as far as I know, so it's about time I add her to the collection.

You can view the full sized version over on my patreon for $5 pledgers! -

I will be adding this print to my Etsy store after the convention, so don't worry if you're not going to the con :) I'll make a journal about it when the time comes.
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We won't let the lights go out, without a fight!

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Spooky, but Cute ^w^

PrinceVegeta55's avatar

i just want to hug her fur

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Imperishable Nightmare Moon: Princess Lunatic

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Best princess and villain 
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The moon will rise again
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This is beautiful
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Ooooo, she looks kinda cute in this style. ^w^
TorturedArtist745's avatar
Now there is a princess who will haunt my nightmares.
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So scary, it's cute!
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Eldritch horror has never been so adorable.
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omg adorable ebil bab with cute fangs OwO
mephit1313's avatar
Great piece, thanks as always for sharing. Yay villain love!
DebbyGattaTheBeast's avatar
Ohhhhh, this too is soo amazing!
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Wow this is amazing *_*
Lurks-no-More's avatar
Nyah-mare Moon! :)
Anyone see the little star in the corner for the mobile app? Does that mean this was featured?
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No. It means that you favorited the art.
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Adorable beauty!
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Unshorn fetlock on a mare! How crass!
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