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Friendship is still Magic!

Another print made for Galacon! This will first be available at the con and then in my Etsy store afterwards for those that can't make it to the con. I will definately be making a journal about it once they're available in the store so don't worry.

This is a sort of updated version of a piece I did a couple years ago, except I wanted to include Starlight as well, because why not! c: I like her. (Sunset is still forever my favourite though) I wanted to also make an updated version because the old one isn't the size of the paper we use to print our prints, so we always had to cut this one whenever we printed it and it was a bit of a hassle. So now I got to make one the size of our paper, yay!
Bear in mind this ISN'T a "redraw", this is an "updated" version of my old piece.

By the way here is the old version in case anyone wants to see it -> Friendship is Magic!

Remember that you can access the full sized version of this as well as many of my other art pieces for $5 pledgers on my patreon -
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I love this idk why its making me cry but it is I really wish they were with me rn cause they'd make the best freinds to have besides all my online freinds
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Is it possible you could get one without Spike in it? I’m curious to see that.

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Where did the Old "Friendship is magic" go? <.< I only get some 404 Errors
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This was always my favorite <3

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but why? its such a nice picture ._.
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I agree. I'm not going to say one is better than the other, but the original is Disney-quality, you shouldn't hide it away :'(
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Any chance we'll get this at Bronycon? 
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yep it'll be at Bronycon!
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Awesome! Can't wait to buy it!
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Oh, DVixie, your missing one. The Great & Powerful Trixie. XD

As a group picture was those could predict sunset shimmer to allegedly had drooled on starlight glimmer's mane.

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I'll really miss these lot
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 Simply magical and beautiful and amazing and stunning and magnificent.....

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Wait, some ponies missing........Where's Trixie? XD
This looks fantastic.
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Lovely depiction of those characters.
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Twilight Sparkle and Starlight
Glimmer are my two favorite ponies in the franchise.
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