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I've been thinking about it lately since a lot of students in the college recommending me to do commissions since I do a marvelous job at the quality of work.


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So here are the rules and information you need to know about my commissions:


The rules of my Commissions

  • One commission per person.
  • I can only take 2 at a time, but if there is a higher demand in commissions, there will be a queue.
  • Paypal payments only, I do not accept Points or any other form of in-game/profile currency as payment. Payment will be Paypal invoices.
  • I may act all artsy and draw whatever I'm good at, but I can't draw everything. I will try to draw the subjects and landscapes to the best of my ability.
  • Stuff I won't do/draw:
    • Game Mods (I'm looking at some of you Trovians out there)
    • Mechanical characters/object. This includes Robots, Guns, and Mechanics.
    • Nude/Pornography
    • Violent scenarios
    • 18+ Subjects
    • Drugs
  • Please be available when I submit information regarding your commission. If you suddenly go AFK or away for a long period of time, I will cancel your commission.
  • DON'T rush me... I have plenty of work that I have to deal with (College, Real Life stuff, etc.)... so I will manage my time how I please...
  • For any commissions being used for commercial/Social/Business use, please tell me in advance.
  • If you have any other questions, you can contact me through my email (, Discord DM (Discord username: SkyTheVirus#2650), DA PM or Twitter PM (@AlinaMArtist, just be sure you are following me so I can contact you).
  • Just because I ask to post the commissions in my Deviantart doesn't mean you can... Don't ask to post it on your own DeviantArt account or other social galleries... I WILL say no.
  • All work will be signed... don't ask to remove the signature unless it's emojis. Signatures will be removed upon request of those who use it for social media/business.


  • For Trove players, I might negotiate codes of you are a mod maker but certain commissions will be available with the [Mod Approved Commission] tag.
  • For Social arts, I will not be taking requests to create your profile mascot from scratch. You must have a pre-existing mascot.

Commission Submission Layout

How your commission requests should look

Send an email or private message to me with the following information:
  • A valid PayPal Email Address
  • A detailed description of what you want me to draw. Tell with a lot of detail if I'm portraying a character of yours with the correct personality traits and background so it doesn't look out of place for you.
  • References, References, REFERENCES! I'm going to need references.
  • Style of Commission. (look at the list) If there's something in my gallery you want me to do, let me know.
  • Permission to post the commission with a watermark? (yes or no).

Commission Process

What to expect

Here are the steps that are gonna take place during the commission (Artist = me, Client = You):
  1. {Artist+Client}Give/receive/negotiate Commission information
  2. {Client} (Optional) Pay in advance through invoice
  3. {Artist} Compose Sketch
  4. {Artist+Client} (Under my discretion or Final) Present Sketch for any design mistakes/changes
  5. {Artist} Complete + Finishing Touches
  6. {Client} (if not done in advance) Pay through invoice
  7. Commission sent to Client

Style Options

Pick from a variety of styles, see what you can afford!

These are a combination of all the styles I am willing to do. I will negotiate prices if your subjects have any complex details.


[Mod Approved Commission] A (messy or clean) scribbled sketch with a fine linework overlay. Great for concept drawing. This doesn't take long depending on linework. +$3 for additional characters.


[Mod Approved Commission] Line art with color and no shading... a simple fill after line art. +$10 for additional characters. + $10 for colored outlines.


[Mod Approved Commission] A fine line art drawing with complimentary color shading. Really makes things pop! +$15 for additional characters. + $10 for colored outlines.


A high detail scene with the hard outline style. It could showcase a character or make a particular scene shine! +$15 for additional characters. 


No Outline drawings with attention to texture and shading. Makes things REAL realistic! +$30 for additional characters. +15 for a background.


Starts off with a realistic shading turns into a long and tedious process that makes the subject into a modern low poly art style. +$50 for additional characters.

$10 each

[Mod Approved Commission (Max of 3)] Personalize the twitch or Discord with your very own emoji!


[Mod Approved Commission] Personalize the accounts with your own custom profile Icon/Avatar. 
           $15 non-animated Pixel Art Icons (50x50 DA)
            $15 Simple Avatar
            $30 Detailed avatar


Show off your profile with a detailed banner that fits your style!


Start fresh with a new look for your streaming/video needs
          Youtube Makeover
                    Bullet; Red Profile Icon
                    Bullet; Red Banner
          Twitch Makeover
                    Bullet; Purple Profile Icon
                    Bullet; Purple Banner
                    Bullet; Purple Mini Banners for Info Page
                    Bullet; Purple Overlay
                    Bullet; Purple Offline Screen
                    Bullet; Purple Emojis (if Partnered or Affiliated)

Completed Commissions

Those who choose to let me post on Deviantart

    Realistic Digi - for Digiwolf (Site Manager for Trovesaurus)
   Chronozilla Emoji - Gift for Chronozilla (Regular Trove Member), paid by Etaew (Founder of Trovesaurus)
   New Trovesaurus Logos - for Etaew
   Junebug Emoji - Gift for Keetsie "Junebug" (Trove VFX Artist), paid by Etaew
   Avarem Emoji - Farwell Gift for Andrew "Avarem" (previous Trove Producer), paid by Etaew
Update April 5, 2017 - Updated Journal to have the process on how I do my commissions.
Toonywassere Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awwww I can't pay ya because I'm broke ;-;
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