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My Dreamworks Controversy Meme



Created by :iconnikolas-213:

I've watched a majority of Dreamworks Animation movies and they're definitely one of my top animation movie studios aside Disney and Warner Bros. I do love most of the characters, movies, villains and songs in each of the movies. So here's just a few I find underrated and a few to name that I love:

Favorite Character-Marina (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas): To me, Marina resembles a somewhat parody of a Disney princess but like the Renaissance era ones, she's rebellious and stubborn. She accompanies Sinbad to see if he'll do his job and she's proves that just because she's a princess, doesn't mean she's afraid to turn into a pirate and do her job. Plus, the way she threw the mudball at Sinbad was pretty hilarious.

Favorite Villain-General Mandible (Antz): Many of the villains in DreamWorks are good but Mandible is the best to me. He's like the Rourke from Atlantis. They're both pretty shady hiding what they're really planning and even so they do a good job hiding it and making you believe they've got nothing to hide. Even though Mandible was a bit more supicious than Rouke, you could tell that he was quick to hide his disguise and would continue to find solutions so he could achieve his goals.

Favorite Movie-Chicken Run: I love all of the majority of Dreamworks movies but the one that stands out to me to watch over and over will be Chicken Run. It's a funny movie with great characters, a ruthless villainess and a interesting plot. I also love Ginger and Rocky as a couple and characters. Plus, there's some adult stuff that's pretty laughable too and the parts where Ginger slaps Rocky is hilarious.

Favorite Song-When You Believe-Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey (Prince of Egypt): Man, how I love this movie and the songs! I love all the songs but the most that stands out is this one. While I'm in the ok terms with Mariah (she's a good singer but I don't know about her person), Whitney though kicks it up with her voice. They're both good singers but Whitney really sings it out. And even though, yes it's a movie based on the Bible and the songs sort of religious, you can still take in consideration of the song's empowerment to have hope and the movie's themes of brotherhood and sometimes you might go down a different path than what you expected. I also love this version of the Exodus aside The Ten Commandments (1956). While both are kid friendly and offer somewhat their own versions, I can see actually this happening in the Bible as Moses could have a rivalry or a brotherhood rivalry with Ramses. Either way, he ends up being the villain and try to deny Moses' pleas (though I feel sort of bad for the Dreamworks one because you could really see the emotion of Ramses being crumbled apart seeing his brother take a different path). Though, like the 1956, he became stubborn and refused. They both suffered in different ways.

Favorite Scene-Fiona reveals herself as an ogress (Shrek): I do love this and the kiss scene. It's kind of heartwarming to see that Shrek didn't have to be alone and that while he believes himself to not having a love, Fiona reveals that she's an ogre like him. Not to mention, as much as they hated each other in the beginning, Fiona comes to realize what he feels as being an ogre and having to hide away. I found it pretty sweet for her to do that and Shrek having a love one now. They're one of my favorite couples as well.

Despised Character-Arthur Pendragon (Shrek the Third): I'm more in the mixed reception for him. I don't hate him but at the same time, I think he's just a bit whiney. He reminds me of Prince Charming as well as both are whiney and complain endlessly. Except the fact that Prince Charming is just a brat and at least Arthur comes to realize his mistakes.

Despised Villain-Magunka (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa): While I don't really hate him as he is a parody of Scar, I just don't think he was necessary as well. If anything, he could possibly be a somewhat villain who questioned Alex's tricks at the zoo but other than that like Arthur, I'm in the mixed reception.

Despised Movie-None. Even the ones I think that are ok like Madagascar 2 are in the mixed reception. They're not good but not horribly bad. So I haven't found one yet. I will have to watch again to determine my decision.

Despised Song-None. I haven't found any except maybe for in Spirit: Stallion of the Cirramon when Spirit got taken away by the rangers, I thought the song for it was pretty sad especially that scene where his eagle friend flies over him.

Despised Scene-Hiccup scolds Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon 2): It's a very emotional scene. I just hate how Hiccup was yelling at Toothless for something he didn't do wrong. That and how Drago was treating him. And how Sinbad couldn't reach the Book of Peace and Spirit being captured...

Honorable Mentions
Favorite Character-Lots from Fiona, Eep, Po, etc.
Favorite Villain-Eris from Sinbad, Farquaad from Shrek, villains from Kung Fu Panda, Ramses, etc.
Favorite Movie-Majority of Dreamworks but few favorites are Antz, Shark Tale, etc.
Favorite Song-Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron songs
Favorite Scene-Hiccup bonding with Toothless, Z and Bala go to Insectopia (and the part where Z and Bala first argue together after escaping the colony), etc.
Despised Character-None
Despised Villain-Drago but only for the way he treats dragons. He's a good villain though.
Despised Movie-None
Despised Song-None
Despised Scene-Sinbad doesn't gain the Book of Peace, Kowalski kissed by Eva
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I just kinda saw the last one as a case of someone being so angry they say something they don't mean. we all have that at some point.