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This is a rust texture I made without any photomaterial or ressources. I worked a lot with the airbrush, eraser and masks. It's not seamless.
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Hi, I have used this stock here. [link] Thank you.
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shweeet. This is really nice, its hard to find good rusted metal. I've been looking through your gallery cuz, I like your stuff. It's hard to find good textures, some reasion I think that only idiots are out there +fav-ing texures, cas I've only noticed like 1 of your textures on the top 120. Any way, you dont care if I use this right? (non-comercial)
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this is exactly what ive been looking around for. Thanks!
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thanks :)
used it here [link]
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very nice. The colors looks very good. Don't know too much about the blurry part in the middle-back part. Could use a bit harsher texture on it to really give it that rusting metal look. But that's just me.

Looks good anyways. Very nice
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I think you did a mighty fine job. And, considering this was a hasty job, this is one fine fine job..:D nice going :lick:
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