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MLP Applejack Human Happy Meal and smile $10

By skyshek
Waiter pony [link]
Official Characters + waiter or chef + food

Twilight Human maid [link]
Rainbow Human Waiter [link]
Rarity Human BunnyGirl [link]
Pinkie Pie Human Cheongsam [link]
Fluttershy Human Jokyu [link]
Applejack Human Fast Food [link]
PrincessCelestia Human Nakedapron [link]
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she pointed with her middle finger
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Really, make burger get thrown at her head?
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I wonder how many notice, yes she is pointing with her middle finger but mainly pointing at the price owed for the Happy Meal but the customer is thinking of the sign above the LED screen about smiles being $0. No dorkwad pay up for the hamburger and Happy Meal you ordered lol. Great artwork btw
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Oh wait lol I just now notice the "1" added into the sign to read Smile is $10 well then here is ten dollars can I get a smile now dear Applejack?
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applejack's expression is every fast food employee 
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Artists like you are what have brought me into the fandom!  Wonderful work!
Brohoof *brohoof*
AJ looks like a tsundere plus has perfect handful sized boobs for groping 
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I love this :) Unamused AJ, but you gotta get money somewhere to keep the farm afloat, right?
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Thanks for the fav
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I wonder if Flim and Flam are ordering... :)

I love this :lovesquee:! A.J.'s gotta make that cash (guess farm work isn't doin' it for her)!

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Forgive me! By the time I posted that comment, the artwork had been removed! It's good to know who to watch out for, though.
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I hate to be the bringer of bad news - but this picture has been stolen by a new deviant called "IAMBESTPRINCESS". Here's a link:…
I'm very sorry this has happened too you.
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Thank your Information.
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Something tells me Applejack doesn't like working here.
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that middle finger do
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That guy is a jerk for throwing the burger at applejack
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