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Springtime Blossoms

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Bust commission for Miflore! :>

Program: Photoshop CC 2015
Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro
Time: N/A
Behind the Scenes: I actually went through four different coloring methods ranging from good ol' layer by layer painting, clipping mask, an experimental technique (that I'd love to flesh out later), and finally cel-shading.
Since I hadn't touched cel-shading in so long, this was very therapeutic to play with! All in all, I think I managed alright. :D

Shay Darjee © :iconmiflore:
This image is © :iconskysealer:
Please do not copy, redistribute, reference, trace, reuse, alter or modify for your own use without my prior permission, thank you!
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MerkavaDragunov's avatar
reminds me of a monster found in the online game monster hunter frontier (MHF)
Skysealer's avatar
I know the monster you speak, and it is a glorious beast!
MerkavaDragunov's avatar
what was the monsters name again??
i forgot
Skysealer's avatar
Mitsuzune, I believe.
Verridith's avatar
That expression, haha! Gorgeous!
Skysealer's avatar
Thank you! ^v^
wolves3000's avatar
Do you have a full body form of this beautiful dragon?
Skysealer's avatar
Ask the character's creator linked in the description. :>
ImDatFrootloop's avatar
Awe! He looks so happy!
SekoiyaStoryteller's avatar
What a cutie! :meow: He looks so fluffy and feathery and wanting me to pet him! :heart: I love how detailed your line art and shading are. owo

(From the head/neck and blue-green mane I almost took him for Haku from Spirited Away upon first glance of the thumbnail ^^; )
Skysealer's avatar
Hehe, thank you! I like how fluffy she came out, too. Cx

(And it's all good, white and pastel green are kind of Haku's two signature colors found on the same areas of the body; I can see the similarities C: )
Rawriosu's avatar
Quite stunning. o.o Would not mind a commission similar to this in the future myself. It's a very pretty style.
Skysealer's avatar
Thank you very much, it was indeed a very relaxing style to play with for once. C:
L-James's avatar
Awesome work and amazing colors, I keep staring at all the detail +o+
Skysealer's avatar
Ah! Thank you very much! :D
L-James's avatar
Ember-Eyes's avatar
Oooh, so pretty!! The color palette is so beautiful and soft and pastel-ish. Love it. Also, love the shine / highlight on the mane and on the eye -- :love:
Skysealer's avatar
Thank you very much for that! :D I particularly love those areas too ;>
kwsapphire's avatar
Gorgeous, as always! I love the color palette, and the "softness" of the image overall. Very beautiful!
Skysealer's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
I'm really happy that so many people think it gives off a 'soft' vibe, that was precisely my aim. <3
miflore's avatar
aaaaah ;v; :heart:
I already said so much in my note, but once again I wanted to thank you SO much for this wonderful commission...

Thank you for making my character more "alive" than ever...
Skysealer's avatar
You're welcome, and thank you again for donating to Extra Life! This was super fun to make for you. :>
vtforpedro's avatar
Absolutely lovely, Sky! c: I adore that little floof at the base of the ear, such wonderful detail.
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