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Skyrim Ancient

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[Originally posted to my Tumblr account, TheBlueFloof, on 30MAR2014]

A year old sketch of how I imagined the dragons of Skyrim, or an ancient dragon at least, to look if they had all six limbs! :B
I was just digging through my art folders and found this old sketch, which I still really like and wanted to share it elsewhere. :D

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RosenniaArts's avatar
Absolutely loving this and all of your other work! So much love for your style! Clap 
Skysealer's avatar
Thank you so much, that means a lot! 'v'
RosenniaArts's avatar
You're very welcome :D
Rufinator's avatar
Oooh beautiful!! and with 6 limbs rather than the wyvern 4 limbs! I like this so much! ;u; It would have been awesome if skyrim's dragons had 6 limbs xD! Amazing work ;u;
Skysealer's avatar
I wish there was a mod for a quadrupedal dragon in Skyrim, it would look pretty top!
GalanorBrighteye's avatar
Much improved over the wyvern design that was released with the game. I was disappointed when the dragons only turned out to have four limbs.
Skysealer's avatar
I was pretty disappointed, too, but it was short lived seeing as it was the first time we got to battle against a draconid in modern elder scrolls games.
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Nightwing-Kain's avatar
oh a ancient dragon with six limbs! Great! :D
I love the original dragon and your version! Well done!
Skysealer's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
Schmengee's avatar
I love the claws!
Skysealer's avatar
Thank you very much! c:
Schmengee's avatar
You're welcome!
ImagineCorgis's avatar
I lovee the pose, how you played with those legs :heart: And the shading is pretty amazing as well! 
Gorgeous job on this! 
Skysealer's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
Those legs are all over the place, I think the dragon is trying to swim rather than fly!
kaseylsnow's avatar
The effects you put on this really make a great composition. That orange-y rim lighting and misty stuff really make this fun to look at.
...sorry, my words aren't working this morning, but I hope that makes sense. xD
Skysealer's avatar
By effects you mean eye burning. 8D
Hehe, no worries, I understand what you mean. Thank you! c:
kaseylsnow's avatar
Yes. Delightful, delightful eye burning. xD
majesticalparade's avatar
Great artwork! Loved the game too -w-
Skysealer's avatar
rujiidragon's avatar
Your so good at fluid posing and details! I'm always terrible at wings, I never know where to put them so I leave them out! I don't plan on playing skyrim anytime soon but I really like him with with 6 limbs too! Do you ever have trouble knowing how to pose dragons? I always seem to put them in the same position. 
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