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Sardiryx recently molted, and from her shed feathers new, shiny forms have taken their place. Say hello to a more vivid Blue Floof!
Have a smol colored sketch update on how she's turning out. Aside from the other projects I have on my plate, I figured some of you were interested in seeing how the new design would look with her coloration.

Originally posted to Twitter -- you can catch all of my WIPs of up and coming pieces along with concept work over there. :)

Sardiryx and the Aevaeryx species ©  :iconskysealer:
Please do not copy, redistribute, reference, trace, reuse, alter or modify for your own use without my prior permission, thank you!
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Is there a group for her species? These guys are absolutely stunning!
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Nah, her species is personal creation of mine
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Ahhhh, I'd love to have one of my own <3
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Ah she's kinda one of a kind
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:3 It's good to see Sardi in a more vivid state. She's looking beautiful, as always~
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Wow, she looks even more visually stunning than before. I really love the combination of navy and bright blues, it's really amazing. I think her design looks a lot more coherent now? Granted I really loved all of her old forms too, even way back when she was more of a dragon...I still remember the art of that form of hers! This one is definitely my favorite now. I think her anatomy looks a lot better as well, a lot more robust and strong looking. And heh, 5 feet tall? That's exactly how tall I am IRL. :D How large is her wingspan though? Just curious!

I'm super glad to see more art of her, and I definitely look forward to seeing more art of the other Aerys denizens.
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Nice design I love these feathers :) Well done!
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You're welcome ^^
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i love how you do wings and feathers and floof. ♥♥♥
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Thank you very much! ^^

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I want to see all the Sardiryx versions all together so we can see how she has evolved XD
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Hah, a good idea to redraw all of the forms together. Maybe one day. :)

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And floofs all over

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Nicely done! Looks like the aftermath of an Allosaurus that had sex with a feathery blue dragon, which then later created this awesomely drawn behemoth!
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Haha! This 'behemoth' stands at a glorious five feet tall. :happybounce:

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Your designs are so beautiful ;///;. I love this! Great use of colours
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Thank you very much! :D

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