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Some slapped together fan art of my favorite Pokemon of all time, #34 NIDOKING!

Program: Photoshop CC 2015.5
Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro
Time: Unrecorded
Behind the Scenes: Not a serious, perfected piece of work by any means, just something fun. <3

Art © :iconskysealer:
Nidoking © Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

Please do not copy, redistribute, reference, trace, reuse, alter or modify for your own use without my prior permission, thank you!
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© 2016 - 2021 Skysealer
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holy shit fuck! this is the bomb! Pokemon makers should hire people like you to do the artwork, seriously!
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Haha, thank you very much for that!
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awesome picture!
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Very nice work! =D
By the way, do you work over a previous scanned lineart or you draw the lineart directly on pc?
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I have done both, but primarily I work 100% from start to finish in Photoshop these days. :>
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Cool! the line is flawless! beatifuly done! 
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Wow this is absolutely amazing!! <3

Amazing job! <3
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Thank you very much! 'v'
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I have one of these bad boys on my Y version. XD
LOVE this, btw. It's so full of badassery I don't even know where to start. The anatomy and muscles are drool inducing. Also, I love how you've made him look more agile here. In the games he basically just kinda sits there, with very little movement...which is a bit disappointing. I like your rendition waaaaaayyyyy better. :D

Also your slapped together, just-doin'-it-for-fun stuff puts my spent-hours-on-it stuff to shame!! XD Not that I do much spent-hours-on-it stuff anymore. I'm mostly into quick sketches and line drawings nowadays. Anyway, your art rocks, and is just plain damn inspiring. Makes me want to try harder to get better. :la:
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Thank you very much!
Someone likened this rendition to a kaiju, which made me bounce out of my seat with joy, it was so unexpected. Kaiju!Nidoking, can you imagine it? Kaiju!Pokemon in general? Ah yiss.
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You're welcome!
I admit - I had to look up what kaiju meant. :dummy: :ashamed: But now that I know, HELL YASSS. Very awesome mental image, that. :D
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Kaiju!Pokemon in general would be pretty awesome. Hmm... *Goes off to do a google search*
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Yeah, there's definitely a lot of room for someone to do a good job of Kaiju!Pokemon. :D
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Totally awesome dude!
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How amusing that both 'Dragon' and 'Not a Dragon' are tagged...
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Yup! He has draconic qualities in his design and elements that I exaggerated here, so why not tag both? Catches attention. C:
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