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Galidor Reference Sheet

By Skysealer
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Reference sheet commission for Galidor-Dragon!

Program: Photoshop CC 2015
Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro
Time: N/A
Behind the Scenes: While half way through with applying the initial shading, I accidentally saved over the large format version with the 1440p version you see here. Whoops! Needless to say the shading would have turned out much differently had I not made that error, but I moseyed on as best I could and am satisfied with it regardless. I hope you guys like it, too! :>

Galidor © Galidor-Dragon
This image is © Skysealer
Please do not copy, redistribute, reference, trace, reuse, alter or modify for your own use without my prior permission, thank you!
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© 2015 - 2021 Skysealer
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How much do you charge for something like this I would so love to get a ref of my bab done by you.

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This is some very impressive art, I wish I could draw as half as good as you do.
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so... buffed up Spyro?
LMAO I'M SO SORRY, I love this blue boy (& all of your work tbh) though<3
it's been so long since i've done anything with dragons but i'm looking into it again lately 👀
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It would be his evolution :D
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I love the texture you have applied here, it makes it really seem like it's colored pencil and not digital.
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Thank you very much! :>
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You're welcome :D  Ok...that was forever ago!  but you're still welcome ;)
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So... Beautiful...
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Amazing. I love the design and all the details *-*
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Such gorgeous work, like always! ^_^ :heart: I love it. 
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Thank you very much! ^v^
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Toaru Majutsu no Index - Index  (Happy) V1Splendid!!! Those shades of blue are something amazing! And the whole dragon's body is absolutely cool!Anna is Loved  
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Thank you very much! :>
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He looks like he's seen a lot... Wonder what tales he has to tell...
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I wonder that sometimes, too.
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I like the clean layout that you used to reference this characters' aspects, easily moves between the details. Far as character representation, awesome execution of the different perspectives on the face! The straight forward 'looking-at-viewer' is a rough obstacle for me to surmount still, I find the perspective tricky, But I'd say you nailed it :) And yes, Colors!! awesome use of them and sticking with just a small handful but being able to make them work together well is not always easy and not using a huge galaxy of them often helps to keep the characters more believable, Well done and I hope you keep this layout for reference sheets in the future, sharp stuff
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Thank you very much for the lovely comment, I really enjoyed reading it. C:
I'm also glad that you think everything turned out alright, that frontal gave me a lot of trouble (I hadn't rendered a frontal in a very long time before drawing it). While I no longer stick to a single layout anymore, rather making each reference unique to the character represented, we'll see what new designs I can whip out in the future! :D
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Very interesting indeed :D I'll be watchin ;)
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big mofo
in a good way
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