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Brother of Flame

By Skysealer
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A hastily painted sketch of Xingyrus, Robeirus's fire-elemented elder brother. 'v'

Program: Photoshop CC 2017
Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro (medium)
Time: N/A
Behind the Scenes: First finished Photoshop thingy on the new laptop! This is what happens when my fiance is asleep on the couch and/or starts playing Destiny on his PS4. Special note: the underside of Xing's jaw-comb absorbs light, hence the lack of highlighting along the neck. He utilizes the frontal, glowing fringe as a prideful display of his visage, because from among the smoke his face is often all you'll ever see before the end... Design-wise, Xingyrus is very 'traditional' as far as dragons come -- his behavior, temperament, and personality are rather telling of his draconic influences as well.

Xingyrus and the Aeryx species © :iconskysealer:
Please do not copy, redistribute, reference, trace, reuse, alter or modify for your own use without my prior permission, thank you!
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© 2017 - 2021 Skysealer
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Woah, you should be my new inspiration, your art style amazed me so much:heart:
Skysealer's avatar
Thank you very much, I appreciate it! 'v'
WarpedOwl's avatar
I love the.... Everything :D
Skysealer's avatar
Thank you very much!
KutkuMegsan's avatar
Like always,    Gorgeous work. ^_^
I love it!
Skysealer's avatar
Thank you very much! 'v'
KutkuMegsan's avatar
Your welcome ^_^
Ember-Eyes's avatar
This is one intimidating looking dragon. :fear:
I love all the spiky pointy bits.
Skysealer's avatar
Thank you very much! 'v'
Faithfeather's avatar
ooooooooooooooooooo very awesome :3
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chic dragon:happybounce: 
FabrizioDeRossi's avatar
This just reminded me of how I sometimes really miss the dragon drawing days... those were good times. 
Skysealer's avatar
You should totally dabble some dragons sometime, I'd love to see what you come up with these days! :D
FabrizioDeRossi's avatar
I might, I might! :D So much new inspiration and motivation... arrrrghhh
Skysealer's avatar
Thank you! 'v'
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Things that happened when this picture popped up:

My body shivered, turned hot, then cold, then a jolt ran through it, my eyes bulged and I yelled "Wow!" out loud. There, I hope you're happy. You genuinely make people awestruck.

Skysealer's avatar
<3 Thank you so much for those lovely words (and I apologize for the super late comment)
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Congrats on new laptop! Very cool sketch/paint thingy o:
I sometimes draw when my fiancé plays games too~ :3
Skysealer's avatar
Hehe, I guess I just needed his presence to shock me back into art. XD
And thank you!
Miapet's avatar
Yes! What else are fiances for? ; P
No problem!
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