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Transformers: Legend D03 - (Starscream)



Name: Starscream
Number: D-03
Faction: Decepticons
Rank: First Lieutenant
Class: Scientist
Voice Actor: Steven Blum
Vehicle mode: F-16 Fighting Falcon
Primary Colour: Red
Secondary Colour: Dark Grey

Bio: Starscream is the Decepticons Second in Command and Air Commander. He is also one of the first Cybertronians to join Megatron's Decepticons. He might be Megatron's right hand bot but he only has one goal, to become leader of the Decepticons even if it means destroying Megatron. While Megatron was in stasis on Earth, Starscream took command and when he realise that the Decepticons needed Megatron he and the Decepticons went to Earth to bring him back. Starscream believes he has the skills to be a leader but he only knows survival skills to survive every battle and Megatron.

NEXT TIME: Ironhide

Note: The original picture was made by Ultraprime32
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in a future transformers series i hope to see starscream looking like his g1 version, he gets killed by 1 of the autobots' human allies, (not the same way he died in dotm), i hope he transforms into an f15 jet in a future transformers series, i hope billy bob thompson voices starscream in a future transformers series