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Transformers: Legend D01 - (Megatron) (Season 2)



Name: Megatron
Number: D-01
Faction: Decepticons
Rank: Supreme Leader
Class: Leader/Warrior
Voice Actor: Frank Welker
Vehicle mode: long-nose semi-trailer truck
Primary Colour: Light Grey
Secondary Colour: Black

Bio: After Megatron was destroyed by Unicron, Starscream and Airachnid took control of the Decepticons. But it turns out the Megatron's spark survived the battle and he then took control of Starscream's body until Shockwave and Thundercracker had finished building his new body. Now Megatron has parts from fallen prime built into him and with his new vehicle mode of a long-nose semi-trailer truck like Optimus, He believe that nothing can stop him now, Not even Optimus Prime.

NEXT TIME: The Wreckers leader Ultra Magnus
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