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Transformers: Legend A05 - (Bumblebee)



Name: Bumblebee
Number: A-05
Faction: Autobots
Rank: Scout
Class: Scout
Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch
Vehicle mode: Chevrolet Camaro SS
Primary Colour: Yellow
Secondary Colour: Black

Bio: Bumblebee is Team Prime's smallest and fastest member. He was the first Autobot to come to Earth after Optimus learnt that Skywarp and Blackout was on Earth already. He has two booster rockets to out speed the Decepticons and two small hand guns he calls the stringers. Back on Cybertron Bumblebee was just a messenger delivering messages between Autobot base and the front lines. Now he uses his speed to fight and help Team Prime. Bumblebee nickname to the Autobots is Hot Shot because he is more energetic and more overconfident than the other Autobots and doesn't pay attention much. Bumblebee looks up to Optimus as a role-model and would do anything make him proud.

NEXT TIME: Skywarp

Note: The original picture was made by Ultraprime32
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i hope to see bumblebee looking like his cyberverse version in a future transformers series, i hope jeremy levy voice bumblebee in a future transformers series, and i hope bumblebee transforms into a yellow honda civic car in a future transformers series