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Aquaman composition inspired by Björk's Oceania.
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Firstly I think this is beautiful but there are a few things that I'd critique if I may. Ok, so the general feel of the shot is stunning and really seems to have a great sense of light. First I would say that the hair seems to suggest he is falling back through the water and the bubbles suggest he's swimming up toward the light source. If the light was coming down from above would it illuminate that section of his lower back? Also, the arms and legs I think cause an awkward pose, as opposed to the powerful one I assume is sought. The buttocks don't read, and its hard to know which leg is closest to the camera, i assume its the darker one? Also, The bubbles around the legs could be reworked to get a lot more definition, shape and texture I think. They look almost like snow, although in reality unless he had just dived into the water, when you move your arm underwater (not breaking the surface), no bubbles are created. There is a process called caviatation. Cavitation is the formation and then immediate implosion of cavities in a liquid, but he'd have to be swimming very fast and it would probably damage his outfit, hehe, and even then they would be more directional. If there was any bubbles it would probably be from his mouth, if he breathes? And THOSE bubbles would be dispersed as he swam through them. You have some nice shine on the trident on the top and I'd like to see that more along its length, it looks a bit like a piece of wood towards the back. They are just my observations and feel free to berate me and pity da fool that has these opinions.